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Taming the Fox by Amelia Bishop

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Alex on 07-May-2013

Book Blurb

Harlan, a fox shifter, lives a lonely life- but its a life he's chosen. When Shane, a gorgeous wolf, moves in next door and insists on being friends, Harlan's solitary, quiet lifestyle is put in jeopardy. And although Harlan finds himself growing more and more attracted to the wolf, his insecurities cripple him, and his self-doubt prevents him from admitting his true feelings for his new friend. But the longer he denies his feelings, the more strained their friendship becomes, until Harlan risks losing Shane entirely.


Book Review

This short jaunt into shifter land pleasantly surprised me with its no nonsense, evenly paced, organic style. Rather than focusing on the paranormal element of shifter mythology, the author delivers the story in the guise of a contemporary romance, which made the tale that much more intriguing.

Harlan is a lone fox shifter whose family has passed, leaving him the last parcel of the clan’s woodlands; once upon a time his family owned considerable acreage, so he considers himself poor. He’s a bit of an introvert and has built himself a little den deep on his land and marked his territory well so that any visiting shifters will beware. He doesn’t use any modern conveniences like electricity and pretty much lives off the land. Occasionally he goes into town among the humans, for library books, use of the computers and food. All in all he’s built a solid life, he’s an artist and has kind of come to terms with the fact that given he likes men, he’ll be the last of his line. He tries not to think about his loneliness, other fox shifters are few and far between, plus they follow the clan way, they mate with the females to ensure the survival of the ever decreasing clan. Unless he finds another fox shifter who likes men, he’s out of luck for finding a mate. It’s against clan law to mate with another shifter species, so when a single young wolf shifter takes residence on the territory nearby, he thinks nothing of it… until the wolf requests a meet.

Shane is a jubilant young wolf shifter. His family has sent him to the East Coast to take a look at lands which he will one day inherit. Upon arrival he decides he’s staying and sends word to his family. Relishing in his freedom, he hopes that they will okay his decision. While his male loving ways didn’t sit well with his father, he knows that his brothers should provide plenty of children to ensure the wolf clan continues. Because he is gay, he’s considered an outsider and although his family is rich, once his grandfather's trust fund runs out, he’ll have to fend for himself. He’s very much looking forward to finding a job, but after living with his large clan for so long, the thought of being alone is scary. He plans to check the larger area for other wolf shifters, but when he finds Harlan’s scent nearby, asks to meet him hoping he’s found a neighbor whom he can call a friend.

The melodic tale took me on a journey into the hearts and minds of the two, almost polar opposite, shifters, as they try to assuage the loneliness each of them feel, and end up falling deeply in love. Well-paced, and rich with lively background material, this come-to-terms love story is deceptively simple. It is the fact that the author did not rely on special powers, paranormal events or extraordinary circumstances that gives this romantic short its dignity and charm. Sure they are a little stronger, faster and maybe a bit more well-hung than regular humans, but Harlan and Shane’s insecurities and emotional angst are high identifiable. Entertaining, sexy, and at points poignantly amusing, I very much enjoyed this trip to the shifter woodlands. Thank you, Amelia Bishop, for this inviting little treasure, um… “Sweet surprise…”




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Format ebook
Length Novella, 18000 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 28-March-2013
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