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Taming Icarus (The Spectrum 1) by Angelique Voisen at Siren Publishing

Genre Mixed Orientations / Urban Fantasy / Alternate Reality / Magic / Menage MFF / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by jj on 11-July-2014

Book Blurb

In the alternative world of New Furor, there are the rubes and the Spectrum Wielders, gifted men and women capable of wielding great magic with jewels. Chris Skinner, Icarus, unfortunately belongs to a Spectrum class born and bred for service. She also belongs to an abusive Spectrum Wielder who would do anything to avenge her dead sister, even if it destroys Chris and herself in the process.

Chris’s owner leaves a reckless trail of vengeance, triggering a confrontation with two of the city’s powerful enforcers. Gus Terrel and Iris Donovan are unlike any Spectrum Wielders Chris has ever met. They only have one interest, and it's not taking Chris’s owner into custody. They want Chris badly, but Chris mistrusts their intentions. Why anyone would want second-hand property is beyond her.

Acquiring their third is harder than Gus and Iris ever imagined, but they would do whatever it takes to make Chris exclusively theirs…no matter the cost.


Book Review

This book, although the title alludes to a mythological entity, is a fairly intense science fiction tale mixed with some harsh racial and class prejudices as well as violence. Balance that with a rather hot m/f/f combo and things get spicy, interesting, and intriguing. The powers wielded are considerable, but the mature qualities of most of the characters involved are curiously superficial. At the drop of a hat, a high-powered brawl can explode in an abandoned warehouse twice with life and death in the balance. Humans on this curious planet seem well-nigh primitive on the social and ethical planes. However, given there are some really explosive action and particularly amazing high-powered displays from the gifted upper class, I do recommend it. Stunningly ballistic!

Chris Skinner, who nicknamed herself Icarus, is definitely one of the more unusual species on the planet of New Furor. Technically, she is born and bred to serve and protect. Her extraordinary abilities are internal in contrast to the powerful other beings whose energies are drawn from gems. In essence, she is part of the rare Red Class. Chris has not had it easy every since she was bound to her first owner. Her kind is prized for their astounding fighting skills and when necessarily bound to their owner, will serve and die for them if called upon. Rare indeed!

Iris Donovan is a beautifully skilled and powerful Spectrum Wielder of the highest order. By that I mean she belongs to the class of Violet Wielders. Descending in class are Sapphire, Emerald, Topaz, Carnelian, with rubes (common people) filling the bottom rung of the population. In addition to being a part of the top class, she has refined and mastered associated skills that place her heads and shoulder above other Violet Wielders. She and her partner have been persistently attempting to acquire Chris. Astounding!

Gus Terrel is Iris's partner and also a Violet Wielder. They know they need Chris to not only complement them, but to be the perfect component to complete them. Their desire is not only primal, but essential to maintaining and sustaining their love for each other while creating a unique loving triumvirate with Chris. They seem advanced beyond belief and when Chris is suspicious of them, I can certainly feel and see why. What is never in question is Gus and Iris's total devotion and love for each other. Well, that is certainly a great place to start. Startling!

Chris, Iris, and Gus are all in their twenties, but on occasion, it seems they are much older and wiser, making them truly sexy and desirable. There are a few weaknesses in the world building within this story, but the core focus and primary characters are just marvelous. If a wonderfully imaginative science fiction setting, with human-like inhabitants having amazing skills and some blown out of proportion personalities tickles your interest, then this will be a winner for you. I recommend it and I hope to read more about New Furor. Remarkable!





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 30794 words
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Publication Date 25-June-2014
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