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Table 26 by Kanata Pierre at Torquere Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 29-January-2013

Book Blurb

Twenty-three-year-old Cam Phillips is a waiter at Newark Airport’s The Layover and has aspirations of owning his own restaurant in New York. With a lust for older men and stormy eyes that demand affection, Cam has a troubled past with airport regulars that includes bathroom rendezvouses.

Every Thursday night, Cam rebuffs the advance of Anderson Montgomery, a corporate lawyer more than a decade older, who always sits at Table 26. Anderson seems different from Cam’s usual encounters, having class and offering kindness, but Cam’s troubled past keeps him from committing to a relationship that seems more take than give. What is he willing to give to Anderson, and what can he give—other than cayenne pepper in Anderson’s meals?

Book Review

This novella is a wonderful, tongue-in-cheek, modern, sort-of Cinderella story. I say sort-of for various reasons; for one, Cam, the guy struggling financially and working awfully hard to make his dreams come true, is not exactly falling at Anderson's feet. Yes, they are physically attracted to each other, and have lots of chemistry, but the verbal sparring never stops. To listen to them, you'd think they are arch enemies. And what's more: the difference in their backgrounds, and the fact that Anderson is super-rich, rather than being attractive to Cam, it actually pushes him away. And that is before Anderson's awful family and horribly nasty ex make an appearance!

Cam is a waiter, but he wants to own his own restaurant. He has ideas for new recipes all the time, and the description of his apartment, where he does all his experimenting, is hilarious: dirty aprons everywhere, used food containers all over the place, and notebooks with written instructions galore. When he meets Anderson he is hesitant. Some of his resistance is based on a really bad previous experience, and partly he is just skeptical. Protecting his heart from being broken is a high priority for him, even if he isn't very good at it.

Anderson, a corporate lawyer in his family's corporation with "more money than God", took some getting used to for me. I thought this was fascinating, because he is supposed to be the white knight, riding in to 'save' Cam, and make all his dreams come true. Anderson, however, is a flawed knight, and that made everything far more interesting. Yes, he is giving and wants to help Cam, but he can also be quite an a**. He doesn’t even see the effect his arrogant family has on Cam, and by the time he does, it is almost too late. And boy, does he scramble, once he sees the problem.

The tension between the two is high, and that never goes away. It makes their physical encounters very hot, their discussions and disagreements intense, and the likelihood they can work out how to be a couple extremely low. I really enjoyed that! If you like non-standard retellings of well-known plotlines that will surprise and delight you, if you enjoy partners who are anything but sappy together, and if you're looking for an exciting, hot, and funny read, you should give this one a try. I can definitely recommend it.




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Format ebook
Length Novella, 73 pages, 18000 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 23-January-2013
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