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Sweet Summer Sweat by Clare London at Jocular Press

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Multiple Partners / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 22-September-2016

Book Blurb

When you find a place where lust and sex rule life, and your every desire can be fulfilled, why would you ever want to leave?

Young runaway Scot and his boyfriend Jerry escape their deadbeat homes and families, hoping to leave prejudice behind them and travel to a new life in Las Vegas. Unprepared and naive, they're lost almost at once, and shelter at a run-down, deserted motel in the middle of the scorching hot Nevada desert. A place with secrets, run by staff both gorgeous and uninhibited, and driven by a mysterious sexual connection Scot’s never even dared to dream.

All but drugged by the lazy heat and the hedonism around him, Scot watches as Jerry is seduced away and realizes their relationship was nothing more than shared lust. Restless, Scot knows he wants true love and real understanding. Could he find it with the mysterious and elusive owner of the motel, Connor Maxwell? Connor seems to think so, every time he appears and pursues Scot for his own. But where does Connor come from? It seems the passion calls him into being at its own whim. 

Eventually, what binds Connor and his friends to the motel may be too strong for Scot to break through. Scot has ambitions to travel, to make something of his life – but is his only option to embrace life at the motel in his true lover’s arms?

Or will that love be strong enough to release them both …

Book Review

“How they dance in the courtyard, sweet summer sweat. Some dance to remember, some dance to forget...” ~ Eagles (Hotel California)

Scot, of 'Sweet, Summer Sweat' by Clare London, and his boyfriend, Jerry, are bound by their desire to escape their awful home lives and blindly run away together. Neither are sure where they are running to. All they know is that there is nothing for them where they are. In the middle of nowhere, they end up at a broken-down, yet seemingly magical old motel. Their stay here provides them with the opportunity to discover who they are and what they truly want.

At the motel Scot and Jerry are provided with hedonistic opportunities they have never even imagined. Hot, seductive, uninhibited young men, Oliver and Vincent, who drip of sensuality and seem to offer them everything they could possibly desire. Jerry almost immediately falls under the spell, but tries to resist it. He feels guilty about wanting to cheat on Scot. Scot is deeply affected by the sensual atmosphere of the motel that seems to provide every need even before they anticipate it, favorite foods, music, dancing, and, of course unlimited sex. Scott has always deferred to Jerry since he seems to be the more experienced of the two, but lately he has been questioning the validity of that line of thinking as well as his feelings for Jerry, whether he is the love of his life rather than just someone convenient.

Another thing on Scot's mind is the voice and smells that have come to him as long as he can remember and have become even stronger since he arrived at the motel. When Scot finally meets Connor Maxwell, he realizes that it's been Connor's “presence”, his voice that has been calling to Scot for a long time. Being at Maxwell's has intensified this communication between them. Still, Scot resists the temptation to give in, which, in his view, is to give up on living and exist here, basking in sensual satisfaction, in this magical, but surrealistic representation of living. Yet Scot knows that Connor is and has always been his one true love and he doesn't want to let him go. He has to decide whether to stay here with Connor, or go on with his life, possibly without him.

Clare has outdone herself in creating this decadent, sensual place where physical pleasure rules; one that offers unending gratification with no responsibility. But it comes at a price. It's not rewarding except in a hedonistic way. The men are scrumptious and the sexual encounters are almost indescribably vivid. To some this would be heaven but to others, hell. It depends upon what you want in life, to play it safe or take a chance and have even more than Maxwell's can offer.

If you like stories that are fantastically erotic with gorgeous men and unfathomable pleasure with mystical undertones, and a plot to boot, then you may enjoy this book as much as I did. Thanks, Clare, for the exceptionally enjoyable sexual romp combined seamlessly with a deeper meaning.





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 75000 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 18-September-2016
Price $3.99 ebook
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