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Sterling Sunshine (Men of Alaska 2) by Cheryl Dragon at Loose Id

Genre Bisexual / Contemporary / Menage MMF / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 22-November-2014

Book Blurb

Gretchen isn’t in Sterling to find men. At least she keeps telling herself that. She has a new job to do promoting local businesses. Still, she can’t resist hoping she’ll find the right group of hot men to really make her dreams come true. She already has her eye on a certain sexy trio, and when they fail to make the first move, she uses work to make a meeting happen. Alaska is definitely bringing out her bolder side.

Tony and Ross are eager to date and seduce the voluptuous beauty but their third lover is a roaming pilot with notoriously bad timing. Do they count him in or out? Should they wait for him to show up or move on her? The attraction proves too hard to resist, but Matt turns up just in time to make it a foursome. It complicates the relationship but adds to the passion. Besides, love and lust aren’t practical.

The deeper Gretchen gets into the lives of her three men, the more she knows they need to be shaken up and she’s just the woman to do it!


Book Review

'Sterling Sunshine' is book two in Cheryl Dragon's series, 'Men of Alaska'. Be forewarned—these books revolve around polyamorous relationships, in this case, one female and three males. Personally, I think if you're going to live in Alaska where it's cold and frozen so much of the year, you should take advantage of all the hotness you can get. And in the author's town of Sterling, there are very few eligible women, so most of the men are in relationships with one another while they're looking for the perfect woman to fit their group. So to speak. *grins*

I met Gretchen in the previous book, as she is one of Melody's best friends, and came to Sterling for Isa's marriage. Gretchen has ended up moving to Sterling, and opening her own advertising agency, geared primarily for the huge influx of tourism which she plans on increasing for their small town. Tony is Jason's older brother, and a paramedic with the Sterling Fire and Rescue. Ross has recently been elected mayor of Sterling, and is looking forward to moving the town ahead in some areas, and then there's Matt. Matt is the third in their relationship, and he's a bush pilot, so he's rarely around long enough for it to really be a relationship.

This was such fun watching four people date. Gretchen is really good with this trio as she has a way of defusing some of the tension and fights that Tony and Matt get into due to Matt's schedule. It helped that Gretchen was really able to understand Matt's headspace about making sure he had enough money for the future in case anything happened to him. The four of them together were pretty hot, and I enjoyed watching Gretchen work on getting her business up and running.

Another fun, sexy addition to the series that just has me waiting for the next installment. Thanks, Cheryl, I do love your Alaskan foursomes!





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 33604 words
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Publication Date 15-July-2014
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