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Steam (Nightlife 4) by Dale Lazarov, Bastian Jonsson, and Yann Duminil at Ribbon

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Erotica / Graphic Novel
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 07-May-2013

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In "Steam", Zeus finds himself a calmly detached tourist in a Greek bathhouse until Heph rises from the pool like a marvel of grace and masculinity. That Heph is a paraplegic does not put a damper on their steamy, passionate encounter;as he is both ready and able...

Book Review

While this is not a traditional "book" in the sense that it has language, since there are no words, I found the story it tells in nothing but pictures very compelling. Now, largely that is due to the detail put into the drawings, the colors, and the way the pictures flow across the pages. They are very sensual, sexy, and no attempt is made to hide any of the physical aspect of what the two main characters get up to. You could call them direct, and brutally honest, close to porn, and you'd be right. But they are also beautiful and lovingly drawn, and add a gentleness to the glimpses into these men's lives that isn't present in movies. It is true erotic art in a printed (or computerized) medium.

The story behind the pictures is wonderful as well. Zeus goes into a bathhouse, seeing all kinds of goings-on between men of various shapes and sizes. But none of them seem to particularly interest him. Until he sees an amazingly built man, Heph, swimming laps in the pool. When Heph gets out and maneuvers himself into his wheelchair, you can see Zeus's surprise on the one hand, and the expectation of being rejected on Heph's face on he other hand. None of that happens though and instead Zeus walks up to Heph in the wheelchair, clearly attracted, and kisses him. The scenes of hot, yet tender lovemaking in the private room that follow are very well done, and the ending clearly indicates that these men did not meet for the last time.

I haven’t read a graphic novel in years, but I have to say, this one fascinated me far more than the "comics" I remember. First of all, because it is clearly aimed at adults. But also because the style and content are very touching. If you're a visual person who enjoys looking at pictures, if you like making up the details of a story in your own head and would appreciate some stimulus material, and if you're looking for a very hot, very touching, non-traditional piece of erotic art, you will probably like this book.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 22 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 01-May-2013
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