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Stay with Me by Sheryl Wright at Bella Books

Genre Lesbian / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Kym Palmer on 18-May-2017

Book Blurb

Four women are about to embark on an emotional voyage that will be the ultimate test of love and loyalty. Will it end in smooth sailing—or leave four hearts hopelessly adrift?

Despite dealing with family dynamics that can be one tent short of a circus, the future looks bright for Tyler Marsh and Georgie DiNamico. Deeply in love, the two are also deeply committed to the success of the DiNamico-Phipps Company of DynaTech, a leading marine engineering firm headquartered in Buffalo, NY.

Georgie's steady recovery from the head injury she suffered in Afghanistan—and the company's survival of a hostile takeover attempt—means the couple can finally concentrate on planning their wedding. Or so they thought, until an unseen event propels their relationship into turbulent waters.

Lori Phipps, the president of the company’s DynaCraft Yachts division is a master boat builder—and a master player when it comes to loving women. Until she crosses paths with someone unlike anyone she’s ever met before. Unfortunately, Lori’s past is about to catch up with her in the very slinky form of a not-so-casual hook-up.

Stay With Me is the stunning follow-up to Sheryl Wright’s popular romance, Don’t Let Go.

Book Review

This is the sequel to “Don’t Let Go”, which I reviewed last year, and I was keen to get my hands on this second book. The tale picks up right from where the first book left off – Tyler and Georgie are settled in their relationship and the business shake-up is in full swing. Everything seems peachy, especially when Georgie proposes and they have a wedding to plan.

Running alongside their continuing story is a burgeoning relationship between Lori and a new recruit to the DiNamico-Phipps group of companies. Aydan is from a strict Muslim upbringing, so working for a group of out-and-proud lesbians is more than a little shock to her system. However, Aydan has some secrets that have been repressed for too long…

As with the first book, the relationship between Tyler and Georgie takes center stage, especially when an incident threatens the foundations of the love they’ve been sharing. However, almost equal attention is given to Lori and Aydan’s story, and the two strands just about work together, albeit with perhaps more detail around the business and the family’s history than is really necessary, and that sometimes slows down the narrative.

However, as with the first book, the author’s writing style is good and easy to read, and her characters are full of life. There are a few side stories involving other members of the DiNamico-Phipps clan, and to be honest, some of those could easily have been dropped to ensure a slightly smoother read. There’s also—my biggest problem with the book—a huge leap forward in the storyline about halfway through the book which had me questioning whether my copy had actually lost a chapter somewhere. It made the next three or four chapters very confusing as I tried to piece together what had happened. This jumping ahead in leaps does seem to be the author’s style, with a lot of scenes then told in flashback. When it’s small leaps it works, but the big one threw me.

All that aside, it is a good sequel, and often sequels aren’t. The story is believable and emotional, and Aydan’s thread, in particular, is very well written. Lori’s ex-girlfriend/friend with benefits is a lovely trashy character; Zoe is still up to her conniving ways, and Marnie has her own drama to deal with. Add into the mix some more insights into Tyler’s family too, and you have quite a cast of characters to get your head round, but as they all get decent “air time”, they soon embed themselves into the narrative and it’s relatively easy to move from one strand to another.

Overall, a good follow-up and an enjoyable read.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 310 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 16-March-2017
Price $9.99 ebook, $17.95 paperback
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