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Soul to Keep (Vampire Sorority Sisters 3) by Rebekah Weatherspoon at Bold Strokes Books

Genre Lesbian / Paranormal / Vampires / Romance
Reviewed by jj on 23-June-2016

Book Blurb

With every commitment comes sacrifice …


College junior Jill Babineux knows where her priorities lie. Between a full course load, her blood pledge to feed a certain vampire, and all the community service hours she’s got to log with her sisters in Alpha Beta Omega Sorority, the last thing on her mind is finding love, especially with an immortal.


Which works out just fine for Miyoko “Tokyo” Hayashi who’s been so busy enjoying her wild days and even kinkier nights, she’s never had a reason to speak to the tiny know-it-all. But after a random run-in and a few carefully plotted encounters, Miyoko learns that there’s more to the sorority’s least favorite member.


Miyoko never thought she’d actually start to like the girl, let alone love her, but when true evil comes for Jill, Miyoko finds herself willing to do anything to protect her. Anything.


Book Review

‘Soul to Keep’ is the third book in a series about vampires and demons, college life, and the Alpha Beta Omega Sorority. And while the two main women in each book are different, the underlying story does connect them enough that I would recommend reading ‘Better Off Red’ and ‘Blacker than Blue’ before turning to this volume. As with the previous installments, I loved the depth and richness of the characters, the extremely well-built world that included some details of vampire feeding that made me shudder, and added to that was an unusual relationship that started as no more than an experiment. Hilarious!

Jill is a quirky character with two guys as her parents. She is a college junior with clear priorities, who has appeared before and always seemed just a little too organized, a touch too dedicated, and a bit of a snob. It appears that almost no one likes Jill, but I never really understood where all that animosity came from. There’s nothing wrong with dedication in my book! But I could see why she was not looking for love, or expecting to find anyone romantically interested in her. Her intention to put together a sexual health curriculum that will change the campus is what attracts Tokyo’s attention. Intriguing!

Tokyo is an even quirkier character than Jill, a vampire, and wilder than most members of the Alpha Beta Omega Sorority. In a word, pretty much the opposite of Jill. Tokyo knows a lot about relationships and figures that Jill needs help with the “practical” side of her project. The two embark on a secret relationship, all to help Jill find the missing pieces in her project, of course. But the “experiment” soon becomes more, and I enjoyed watching these two become much closer than they had originally intended. Unexpectedly amusing!

Oh, and the demon is back and creates some mayhem. I loved how that part of the plot was solved. There are too many entertaining scenes, fascinating revelations about vampires and their habits, and very hot encounters for me to talk about, but I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy discovering them all for yourself. A highly entertaining book that I‘d recommend to any and all fans of vampires and college life. Wonderful!





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 240 pages/63000 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 01-March-2016
Price $9.99 ebook, $16.95 paperback, $16.95 bundle
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