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Something Like Summer (Something Like... 1) by Jay Bell at Jay Bell Books

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 06-February-2011

Book Blurb

Love, like everything in the universe, cannot be destroyed. But over time it can change.

The hot Texas nights were lonely for Ben before his heart began beating to the rhythm of two words; Tim Wyman. By all appearances, Tim had the perfect body and ideal life, but when a not-so-accidental collision brings them together, Ben discovers that the truth is rarely so simple. If winning Tim’s heart was an impossible quest, keeping it would prove even harder as family, society, and emotion threaten to tear them apart.

Something Like Summer is a love story spanning a decade and beyond as two boys discover what it means to be friends, lovers, and sometimes even enemies.

Book Review

Ah, first love! For many people, their first love is the most memorable of all. The experiences found in that first attraction tend to color any other future relationships they may have. This is certainly true for Ben Bentley and Tim Wyman of \'Something Like Summer\' by Jay Bell.

Ben is bright, talented and loving. He strives to live life on his own terms. Ben is very kind and has a deep-seated strength of character. With the help of Allison, his best friend, and Jace, his knight-in-shining-armor, guiding the way, Ben finds his inner strength and finally admits that regardless of how much he loves Tim, he can\'t sacrifice his own values.

Tim, also bright and talented, doesn\'t have Ben\'s good sense of direction. For fear of reprisal, he censures himself constantly; he hides behind a mask of propriety, only allowing himself to act on what he deems appropriate according to his family\'s standards. This self-deprecation injures his self esteem and his life almost beyond repair. Tim is so efficient with his misrepresentation that he begins to believe it himself. Ben is the only one who has seen behind his mask and tries to help Tim realize how much damage Tim is causing himself. Not only that, Ben knows that Tim has a bright light all of his own, but also knows that it\'s up to him to make it shine so others can see it too.

I loved this book. I read the whole thing, all 192 pages of it, in one day. Due to Jay\'s easy, understandable style, I was led through the happy times and the sad ones, sometimes by gently holding his hand and in others by gripping it tightly, but what a ride. \'Something Like Summer\' not only has lots of passion, humor, angst, and twists and turns, it also takes an in depth look at how the choices we make in life affect not only ourselves, but everyone around us. I loved that Ben and Tim were able to apply what they learned from their sad and painful experiences and come together once again. The message in \'Something Like Summer\' reminds us all that the best way to have a satisfying life is to be true to ourselves.

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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 224 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 05-January-2011
Price $2.99 ebook, $13.99 paperback
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