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Sno Ho (Summit City 1) by Ethan Day

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Artists/Actors/Musicians/Authors / Athletes/Coaches / Erotic Romance / Humor/Comedy
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 12-January-2019

Book Blurb

Boone Daniels seems to have trouble finishing things. Along with the half dozen or so novels he's started, only to abandon mid-way through, his love life could be best described as a series of drive-bys. 

Boone has spent the past week staying at a ski lodge in the tiny mountain town of Summit City. He's been using his time alone to write while waiting for his boyfriend to join him for their anniversary. 

What happens to Boone when he winds up dumped on the eve of his one-year anniversary and ends up at a bar having one too many cocktails? Wade Walker.

First edition published by MLR Press, October 2010.

Book Review

My introduction to Boone Daniels (I know, right?) is as unique as the man himself. His constant streaming consciousness, self-chastising, and opinions are over-the-top and do an excellent job of providing backstory while not spelling it out, if that makes sense? Wade is, literally, larger than life and comes across as a good man, all while battling wits with Boone – not an easy job.

Boone came to Summit City’s ski lodge and resort for two weeks, paid for by his boyfriend, who then promptly called him and broke up with him while telling him to enjoy his two-week stay. Like it was severance pay or something! He should have seen the signs of another self-involved asshole but, again, Boone liked the “idea” of the boyfriend more than he actually liked the man himself. So, what does Boone do after he gets that call? Same thing I would have (mostly) – he heads into town, to a bar, gets more than slightly drunk, and wakes up the following morning next to a giant of a man whom he apparently went home with. Boone admits to being slightly slutty. *grins*

“I felt as though everyone in that restaurant had been secretly laughing at me behind my back. I was the stupid dolt who didn’t know who Wade Walker was…… I couldn’t believe I’d told an Olympic gold medalist his skiing was the fake skiing. I was completely mortified as I stormed down the sidewalk.”

As much outright humor as exists in this beginning story of Wade and Boone’s relationship, there are just as many real-life discussions and intense getting to know you moments. Maybe it’s because Boone has to return to his home and the life he has there or maybe it’s just the connection these two men forge so quickly – which, by the way, scares the crap out of Boone. He certainly didn’t expect to meet someone like Wade (or, be thrown by who he is) and then to have the whole town of Summit City essentially monitoring their relationship and even having a loose poll about Boone’s chances. Yes, believe it, it’s true! Boone can understand a little better when Wade tells him about his parents dying and how the people of Summit City all basically raised him and his little sister, but it’s still a little creepy.

I love absolutely everything about this novella. Even the fourth time reading it I still love the characters, the dialogue, and their beginning romance. I doubt I’ve done justice to the fabulousness of this story or my wonder and delight in it, but I tried. The hilarity is off the charts and so typical Ethan Day while the whole idea of this happening is so real that I could imagine it all as if I was standing there. As is fairly typical of me I am now going to jump headfirst into book two, for the fourth time as well, and strive to write a decent review. Thank you, Ethan, you were the best.

{Postface: ‘Sno Ho’ is one of the first books within the m/m genre that I ever read and I fell madly in love with Ethan Day and his writing. I remember, very vividly, reaching out to him after reading this story for the first time and how genuine, caring, and wonderful he was to a new fan. Over the years I have read this novella four times and have inhaled almost everything else the man wrote. When our community lost Ethan Day in 2018, I was devastated knowing such a bright light was gone for he wasn’t just an author – no, Ethan was a friend, a son, a brother, a mentor, and an organizer extraordinaire. In his honor I am re-reading the ‘Summit City’ series and finally writing official reviews. My reviews will never be able to express the hilarity and fabulousness of these characters but I will endeavor to try my best to share my love for the stories.}





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 98 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 30-October-2015
Price $2.99 ebook
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