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Slip (Recovery 2) by BA Tortuga at Dreamspinner Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Artists/Actors/Musicians/Authors / Cowboys / Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 05-February-2018

Book Blurb

Love is a fragile thing, and it can slip through your fingers if you don’t hold on tight….


When Zack Jung’s AA sponsor and friend commits suicide, he’s desperate to hold it together, and there’s only one place he can turn. He calls Josh and Kris, and they take him back to their ranch outside Santa Fe.


A cowboy to the bone, Cimarron Duran cherishes his orderly life and routine. He likes his neighbors, Kris and Josh, but he has less than no interest in the hipster personal trainer who comes to stay with them—or at least, he plans to fight his interest in favor of his solitary life and his art.


But some things are as inevitable as the weather, and when Zack and Cimarron finally come together, they find they don’t want to let go. It won’t be easy, though, for two men with pasts like theirs to forge a happy future together.


Book Review

The theme of this second book in the ‘Recovery’ series is again centered around fixing something that is broken – on a personal level for Zack and Cimarron and with an analogy in pottery. Slip, according to Wikipedia, is “a liquid mixture or slurry of clay … suspended in water with many uses in the production of pottery…” Where Josh and Kris in volume one were longtime lovers who broke apart due to Josh’s alcoholism and came together again through the “refiring” of their passion, Zack and Cimarron are total strangers. Each man has been through loss, Zack having turned to alcohol and Cimarron becoming even more of a recluse, and both are determined to survive. It takes them meeting and slowly feeling their way for them to realize “toughing it out” is not going to work. They need to accept help, and that means accepting each other – not an easy thing to do when trusting a lover and life partner is the last thing either of them think they can ever feel again.

Zack, a personal trainer who normally has his life under control, is Josh’s best friend and was his savior when Josh most needed him in the first volume. Now it is his turn to need help, because boy, Fate has hit him hard with the suicide of his friend and AA mentor. Zack totally loses it but remembers to ask for help, and that is his saving grace. It does not make his emotional recovery any easier, but at least he doesn’t relapse into alcoholism on top of the mess he is already in. When he comes to stay with Josh and Kris, then meets their withdrawn neighbor Cimarron, he feels drawn to the self-sufficient man who is full of contradictions. But falling in love is the last thing he needs, or so he thinks.

Cimarron is a cowboy and an artist, and he is so orderly and drenched in routine that he doesn’t even realize that his solitary life is actually loneliness by another name. But underneath the cold outer shell he presents to the world, there are a burning fire of passion and deep emotions that might just tear him apart if he let them out. Or so he believes… Meeting Zack causes all kinds of changes in Cimarron’s life, and at first, he isn’t sure he likes it. But with the discovery of the chemistry they have between them and a gradual getting-to-know each other, Cimarron begins to see Zack as less than a stranger. Really opening up takes a lot more time, but the longer they hang out together, the more inevitable it seems.

Both Zack and Cimarron have already suffered more than one setback, and once they get together and make plans for the future, it looks like that is all behind them. But then something happens that has them both realize they need to focus on more than just the “now” they want to live in. I loved how they stuck together, taking the bad with the good, and changing their focus to take into account the future as well. It’s a scary thing to do. With all the stress Zack has to battle slipping back into alcoholism all the more, but realizing how much he’d have to lose if he gave up and knowing how to ask for help keep him going.

If you like stories about men who don’t expect much from life only to discover there is lots to live for, if you want to see two total strangers fall for each other before they know what’s happening, and if you’re looking for a read that deals with real problems, revelations, and deep passion, then you will probably like this novel as much as I do. I think, much like the first book, it’s a great character study as well as a poignant love story.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 246 pages/74155 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 22-December-2017
Price $6.99 ebook, $14.99 paperback, $14.99 bundle
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