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Sleigh Balls (Reindeer Games) by Crymsyn Hart at Changeling Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Urban Fantasy / Shifters / Magic / Mythological Creatures / Romance / Holiday
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 05-December-2015

Book Blurb

Instead of snow this Christmas, it’s raining reindeer!


When Barnabee is dumped out of Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve, Julian takes pity on the half naked man in the snow on his front lawn. As Barnabee wakes up Christmas morning, he's overtaken by Julian's kindness and the smell of gingerbread.

Barnabee struggles with telling Julian the truth about his origins. With events moving so quickly, he has to come clean. While their newfound love is a Christmas miracle, can Julian accept Barnabee for what he is? And when the sheriff comes knocking to bring Barnabee back to Holly Town, what will Barnabee decide? Can this reindeer's Christmas wish be realized or is he up the gingerbread creek without a candy cane?


Book Review

‘Sleigh Balls’ is set in a world where Santa Claus is real and resides in Holly Town, the Nine are reindeer shifters and descendants of the original sleigh pullers, and everyone likes to adhere to certain traditions. When Barnabee is dumped off the sleigh into the “outside world” and saved by Julian, they both have a decision to make about their future.

Barnabee is a reindeer shifter, just like his brother Red. Different from Red, he took responsibility for other parents’ inn while Red became part of the sleigh-pulling team. That team’s arrogance becomes the reason for their fight and causes Barnabee to be kicked off the sleigh. He has no idea where he landed, has no way back to Holly Town, and depends on Julian for survival. A scary situation if there ever was one, but this is a Christmas story with lots of magic, and Barnabee doesn’t seem too worried.

Julian is shocked when he hears noises on his roof, followed by a man falling into his bushes and ending up on the lawn. Naked. In the snow. Julian is a nice man and not about to let anyone freeze to death in his yard, so he takes Barnabee inside and makes sure he is dry and warm. As soon as they begin to talk over breakfast the next morning, Julian finds out Barnabee’s secret. Strangely enough he isn’t scared. But the question of whether he wants to go with Barnabee or stay in the human world is not all that easy to answer.

If you like imagining what it would be like if Santa Claus and all his helpers were “real” supernatural beings, if two men from different worlds getting along fabulously are your thing, and if you’re looking for a read that is cute, conflict-free, and very sweet, then you might like this short story.





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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 36 pages/11000 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 04-December-2015
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