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Silent Heart (Dreamspun Desires, Search and Rescue 2) by Amy Lane at Dreamspinner Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 17-January-2020

Book Blurb

Dog wrangler Preston Echo has been in love with his brother’s best friend, copilot, and business partner since high school—and Damien Ward knew it. As Preston grew into a stunning, hard-willed man, Damien began to dream of Preston too. 


Then Damien almost died in a helicopter crash. While his physical wounds are slowly healing, the blows to his self-confidence and goodwill are almost worse. His body is broken and he’s afraid to fly—how can Preston love him now? 


When Preston’s brother goes on a search-and-rescue mission and disappears in an earthquake zone in Mexico, Preston and Damien are thrown together in an effort to find him and bring him back. Preston’s merciless honesty—and relentless passion—may leverage Damien into his bed, but can Damien overcome his fears to allow himself to stay there? 


Book Review

Ever since reading the first book in this series I’ve been anticipating Damien and Preston’s story. One man who has spent the past year and a half trying to work through the trauma from the helicopter crash that almost killed him, and the other man waiting, biding his time for Damien to be in a place where Preston can finally make his claim.

Damien’s fear of flying is completely understandable after the accident. He almost died and had Mallory and Tevyn not been with him, he would have. What’s remarkable, to me, is that once cleared by his doctors, Damien has been right back in the cockpit no matter the strength of his fear or the fact that he vomits before every flight. He and Glen own a business and it’s his responsibility to fly clients, not to mention perform search and rescues. Mentally, Damien isn’t back to who he was before the accident, but Preston is tired of being patient and he’s going to lay all of his cards on the table during their flight to Mexico to rescue Glen.

Preston was an interesting character. I liked him, don’t get me wrong, and the author gave enough clues that I was fairly confident that Preston lies somewhere on the spectrum… but I wasn’t 100 percent sure and that threw me off here and there. It was obvious that Glen and Damien, plus Preston’s other close friends, are all aware of his “quirks” but not having it actually mentioned almost seemed wrong to me. As if somehow, it’s something to not talk about. I know the author didn’t mean it that way and I’m sure it’s just my reaction, but it took something away from my enjoyment of Preston’s character.

It was wonderful watching Preston and Damien meet in the middle and discuss the heavy stuff, all while Preston was slowly charming Damien back to the man he used to be. Reminding Damien that being snarky and cracking jokes is who he is and even though Preston is way quieter and likes silence, he has missed this fundamental part of Damien. Preston is upfront and honest about all things and Damien needed that jolt to remind him of what he almost lost and that life is too short to mess it up.

An enjoyable addition to the series. I’m really looking forward to Glen and Cash’s story and I hope the author writes one for Spencer, too. I’ll be waiting eagerly to read them all.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 217 pages/57462 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 07-January-2020
Price $4.99 ebook, $9.99 paperback
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