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Shift (Wolves of Hunter's Rock 1) by Shelley Grayson at Daisywolf Publishing

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 07-September-2017

Book Blurb

Someone's killing werewolves.

Lukas Vance finds a list of towns, and in each one he discovers a murdered 19-year-old who smells almost like pack even though he knows they can't be related to him. He reaches the next town on the list before the killer, determined to get the intended victim out of this situation alive. When he catches the familiar pack scent and sees the guy it belongs to, Lukas wants to do so much more than protect him.

Chris Keenan doesn't know why gorgeous, broody Lukas thinks he's in danger. Lukas says he wants to keep him safe, and when Chris freaks out Lukas is the only one able to calm him down. Chris has been feeling off for a while, and whatever's causing that seems to be related to the list of towns and the murderer who's made him a target. Instead of going to the police, Chris puts his trust in Lukas. But even with Lukas protecting him, figuring out what's wrong with him may be the last thing Chris ever does.

Book Review

“Someone in his pack was dead nearby. He didn’t recognize the scent as anyone specific, couldn’t place the strange undertones, but Lukas should have recognized it…. He didn’t know this lost wolf who shared his blood. And that wasn’t possible.”

I got sucked straight into the worldbuilding in ‘Shift’ from the get-go. This is a new-to-me author and except for the blurb I had no idea about what to expect. What I found was a strange and unique shifter world, where humans don't know they exist, and the ties within a pack are much stronger on an emotional and even physical (or cellular) level. I've not read of shifters who can feel a packmate’s shift within their own bodies, sort of like a low-level hum, or a world where you are either born or bitten, but your scent is easily recognizable to all within your pack.

“Let me get this straight,” Albert said to Griffin. “He smells kind of like a member of your pack.”…. “But he can’t be, because you know every member of your pack, personally and by smell. They’re few and far between, and his parents don’t smell like pack, he’s not adopted, and he’s never been changed by a bite. So you’re saying it’s not possible that he’s your pack.”…. “And you think that whatever happened to the other kids in other towns who both had this strange pack-like smell is also going to happen to Chris.”

It was fascinating to watch Lukas, his brother Griffin, Chris, his best friend Albert, and Jules and her twin, Tad, trying to figure out what in the world was going on. Jules and Tad smell like Chris, and something unusual happened to Tad a while back, although I'm not telling what it was. Lukas and Griffin weren't able to save the first two kids who were murdered, but they're going to do their best to keep these three alive, and get answers to all of their questions. The biggest one being: how did this happen and what is the end result going to be?

“They were special, his motley little pack of strangers who’d grown as close as family in the matter of a couple of days. As much as their existence had complicated his life, he was privileged to know them, and ached all the more at the loss of Jennifer and Brent. Instinctively, he knew they would have found their places in the group, like puzzle pieces.”

Wow. So much more than I anticipated. For obvious reasons there's a lot that I can't share. Trust me, however, when I say that the mystery/suspense factor is high and very interesting as I hadn't guessed anything until it was slowly revealed. The thriller portion is equally high and very exciting. I really enjoyed the way this motley group of people ended up being pack, being family, and the way the author wrote it. I also liked the slow-burn romance between Lukas and Chris. All in all this was a unique story and I'll most definitely be interested in reading more.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 518 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 18-March-2017
Price $2.99 ebook, $17.65 paperback
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