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Secui Domus by Kiernan Kelly at Torquere Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Sandra on 15-April-2014

Book Blurb

When their college dorms are shut down, Aiden and his best friend, Bobby, find themselves without a roof over their heads. Rather than face leaving school, they take up temporary residence in their local gay-friendly bar, FUBAR, along with a handful of other down-on-their-luck students.


Faced with the possibility of being expelled if they don't secure permanent housing, the boys hatch a plot to put on a strip show to earn the cash necessary to bring a donated house up to code, and establish themselves as a fraternity on campus.


In the midst of preparing for the big show, things get complicated when Aiden realizes his feelings for Bobby go deeper than mere friendship-with-benefits.



Originally published in Kegs and Dorms.


Book Review

College novels are popular in gay erotic romance, and ‘Secui Domus’ has the fresh appeal of a romance novel about two college guys who are hit with the problem of having to find other accommodation due to asbestos being found in their dorm.

On the first pages of the book, Aiden is seen stripping in a club full of self-confidence and sexuality. As he is dressed in a nerd costume he sees everyone geared up for the sexy body underneath when all he thinks about is the fact that he feels he is the nerd who doesn’t ooze self-confidence and sexuality – far from it. To be honest, if this didn’t make me love him, then no one will as this is his secret. I have to say I loved him to bits for trying to be a fun guy around his college friends.

Bobby has resigned himself to go back home while the dorms are sorted out. Not being able to find a room anywhere has caused a big problem for him, but it could also cause problems with his scholarship. He sees no other choice until Aiden, who has already formed a strong bond with him, comes up with the answer.

Aiden finds Bobby attractive and staying with him in Hank’s house sounds like a very good idea as it solves all their problems. Aiden shows he has a business head on him as Hank was having trouble getting revellers in at FUBAR, his club. Bobby is confused but goes along with his idea anyway, and I felt it was a good idea he did. Bobby is attracted to him and finds Aiden has a habit of getting handsome young men into bed while he watches what goes on and has to keep quiet about how he feels. He is jealous, and it’s understandable as he thinks he is wasting his time with one-night stands when he could get with him. Not that he is guaranteed to make him happy you understand, but that’s half the fun of reading this novella – you don’t know what will happen until later.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 76 pages/21900 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 05-March-2014
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