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Secrets in Shadows (Shadow Creek 1) by Leah Blake at Siren Publishing

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Vampires / Magic / Elves/Fairies/Sidhe / Wizards & Witches / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 21-August-2017

Book Blurb

Wolf shifter Rex Vanderbilt has lived a life of luxury and privilege. That changes one fateful night following an attack by hunters that nearly kills him and his family. They seek refuge and protection at the private paranormal sanctuary, Shadow Creek. Rex discovers how little he understands his wolf’s blood after the strangest out-of-body experience in the presence of one particular shifter.


Devon Michaels is a great horned owl shifter and part of the Creek’s top circle of guards. He prefers solitude after a betrayal that nearly cost him his life. When Rex arrives on the manor’s doorstep, he instantly recognizes the rowdy wolf as his mate. He has no interest in the irresponsible, spoiled man, but Rex has other plans to win Devon’s affections.


When the Creek’s borders are breached by hunters and Rex is injured, Devon must make a decision. With the promise of another attack looming, time is running out. Can he let go of the past to protect his mate?


Book Review

Ooh, a new-to-me-author of paranormal is like a river of chocolate to Augustus Gloop. Nothing makes me happier than discovering a new world along with interesting characters, hot sex, and a great plot. Of course, shifters are my favorite, and I was excited to find out more about Devon, a great horned owl shifter - I don't see too many of those in my reading - and a privileged, wealthy, ignorant shifter in the form of Rex, isn't the normal, either. As I dug further into this read I was very impressed with the author's worldbuilding.

“You expect me to believe my mate has feathers? I’m a wolf. I’ll be mated to a wolf. Not a pansy, pointy-beaked air-flapper.”

Shadow Creek is owned by Raul, soon-to-be the oldest wolf and pack leader, and he runs a fair but tight operation at this refuge for shifters. Anyone is welcome but it isn't a free ride. Everyone there is expected to work and they are all equal. Raul, Mallouch, the vampire king, and Abramelin, the sorcerer who governs the witches and warlocks, formed a partnership, an alliance, and created Shadow Creek along with the small town nearby, Shadow Falls. Any paranormal can choose to work in the town and earn a salary, but those who choose not to leave the Creek have many opportunities to farm, work with the animals, etc.

To say I wasn't a fan of Rex’s in the beginning is an understatement. He's spoiled, obnoxious, vain, materialistic, and knows basically nothing about being a shifter. Granted, that fault lies with his father, Harris, alpha of their small pack, but Rex certainly doesn't make it a huge priority to listen once they reach Shadow Creek. Harris, was raised without a lot of information and he thought that having his sons merge more with humans would keep the hunters and other paranormal dangers away from them. Rex isn't exactly thrilled with his manual labor job of milking the cows and Devon isn't too excited when Raul asks him to keep an eye on the kid.

Devon is the epitome of tall, gorgeous, and silent. As he says himself “He didn’t do well with “-ships.” Relationships, friendships, companionships. It wasn’t in his nature.” He was betrayed badly in his past and now he's stuck with this spoiled kid as a mate. Devon likes being at Shadow Creek and his role as a guard, watching over and protecting many different paranormal species, and he has a ton of respect for Raul. But he sure wishes he had known that Rex was coming because he would have left before having to deal with him and everything a mating can bring.

“Now, all he had to do was convince Devon that he could change, and that he would change if it meant winning his mate’s acceptance.”

Even better than watching the love that grows between Devon and Rex, is seeing Rex embrace his wolf, something his father and brother have no interest in, and mature from a spoiled brat to a young man yearning to be loved by his mate, and eager to help protect Shadow Creek against the human hunters. The hunters are coming, there's no question about that. What Raul and his guards can't figure out is how they are getting through the protection wards, set by the fae, around their borders. None of that matters, however, when the attack comes and many of Shadow Creek’s residents are injured or killed.

‘Secrets in Shadows’ far surpassed my expectations. The worldbuilding is wonderful, all of the characters, main and secondary, are complex and interesting, the romance is well done, and the sex is hot. Now I'm more anxious to start reading the second book since it appears to pick up right where this one ends, and I think Vuk definitely needs a challenging mate. *grins*





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