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Secret Admirer (Bats and Balls 2) by Ashley Ladd at Pride Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Athletes/Coaches / Erotic Romance / Holiday
Reviewed by CAS on 18-October-2011

Book Blurb

A Valentine's collection of secret liaisons...

A long-time secret admirer of star pitcher Blake, geeky nerd Wes asks Blake to make him over into his fantasy man - for someone else.

Geeky nerd Wes Donovan has a secret crush on Blake Kircherner, star pitcher of his baseball team. Unfortunately, the only time Blake seems to notice him is when he's making the last out for their team and losing another game.

With Valentine's Day and the team's annual Valentine's Day party coming up, he can't stand the thought of going dateless again. So he asks Blake to make him into a new man and help him make their coach Clay, jealous. In reality, Blake's the one he hopes to make jealous and to win after he's transformed into Blake's fantasy man.

Book Review

If you're a fan of the 1959 movie classic 'Gidget' you are going to love this sweet Valentine treat. Even if you haven't seen the classic, this modern day spin with an M/M twist is sure to tickle your fancy. It's almost impossible to resist a sweet little geek who is desperate and daring enough to ask a man he hardly knows to help him capture the attention of the man he secretly admires. He gets major bonus points in my book because the man he has his heart set on and the man he is asking for help are one and the same.

Wes has an almost crippling crush on his teammate Blake. He tries a little too hard to fit in and catch Blake's eye which of course means every attempt backfires and makes him appear even more inept and geeky. Like any bona fide geek he's got smarts, he's a very determined man with a plan and said plan ends up working a bit too well. Blake isn't the only man taking notice and let me be the first to say green looks very good on Blake. Wes's transformation from nerd to ‘Oh my word' had me drooling and was great fun to see. You know what they say… "The bigger they are the harder they fall" and Blake is quite a big man.

Blake is the ultimate super jock. He's on the Body for Life program, boxes to stay in shape and is a star player on his baseball team. Blake is all about winning and he's thinking nerdy little Wes needs a few pointers before he drags the whole team down in the dirt with him. When Wes approaches him for help Blake is completely onboard. He coaches Wes in baseball, physical fitness and in the process, sure, why not help him win his man. How many guys get an opportunity to custom design the man of their dreams? And how many guys once they have that dream in their sights are willing to let it go?

This is a wonderful story with a perfect classic movie style ending that really touched my heart. Wes is such a warm and funny man and with his newfound confidence he is simply irresistible. Blake has a heart of gold and as he gets to know the real Wes he really truly has his best interests at heart. I admit to a bit of gloating as Blake comes to realize what an amazing man Wes is and in fact always was. You can't judge a book by its cover nor the potential of a geek as a lover.


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Format ebook
Length Novella, 47 pages/16465 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 09-February-2009
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