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Sealing the Deal (Sex Sells 1) by Kim Dare at Resplendence Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / BDSM / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 15-July-2011

Book Blurb

Toby Garland understands contracts. As the best contract negotiator in the city, he’s built his life and his livelihood around his ability to push through any contract and seal any deal. All that amounts to nothing when Hudson Scott, the man he’s been fantasizing about for the last three months, offers him a BDSM slave contract in the middle of an office party.

Faced with the most important negotiation he will ever undertake, all Toby has to do is think clearly and treat it like any other contract he’s worked on. But it’s not that simple. This isn’t just any contract. Hudson isn’t just any dominant. And thinking clearly through a sea of arousal and submission has never been Toby’s strongest point.

Book Review

This is a pretty interesting D/s story. I hesitate to call it BDSM, because it doesn't involve a lot of the 'usual' pain or heavy whippings. It is about pretty intense submission, though, no room for negotiation. I liked that there was a lot of room for mutual respect, and even love, though.

Toby is a very interesting character. Outwardly a strong negotiator, his deepest need is to make others happy. Hence, he puts his all into making contracts work so that both parties are happy with them. This can be nerve-wrecking, though, so serving just one master would be much easier for him. Since his experiments in submission have been mostly sexual so far, and he gets VERY distracted when he is aroused, learning the mental part of submitting to a master is a difficult experience for him.

Luckily, Hudson (his ex-boss once Toby's negotiator job is completed) seems to be just that man. His demands (to me) seemed unreasonable in places. I mean, how can he expect Toby to focus on detailed contract conditions when the submissive is too aroused to think straight? And then he goes and makes it worse? While this makes no sense to me, even seems utterly unfair, it is clearly what Toby needs and wants.

This is a fascinating exploration of one of the many possible scenarios of mental submission. Always sparked by the physical, Toby's real challenge is in how he thinks about the two of them.

Recommended for everyone who likes Kim Dare stories, thought experiments, and trying to understand the way the human mind works under certain conditions.


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Format ebook
Length Novella, 104 pages/34806 words
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Publication Date 06-July-2011
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