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Scrap (Bristol Collection 3) by Josephine Myles

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 28-June-2017

Book Blurb

In a battle of the alpha males, who will end up on top?

On the surface, Derek “Call me Dare” Nelson’s life is simple. He’s happy doing up campervans while living in a slightly illegal caravan in his riverfront yard. But life gets more complicated when a smooth-talking, handsome property developer offers to buy the land out from under his feet—the very same man Dare had to escort from a party nine months ago for causing a drunken scene.

Grant Matravers is living a double life, attempting to adjust to weekends as a single, soon-to-be-divorced gay man while staying in the closet during the week. The strain of keeping up appearances at work while missing his kids is bad enough, but add in an attraction to the shaven-headed, tattooed, totally unsuitable Dare and Grant finds his emotional barriers wearing dangerously thin.

Dare blasts through those barriers in a way Grant isn’t prepared for, challenging everything he thought he knew about himself as a gay man. But as their chemistry heats up and the intimacy between them grows, Grant edges towards a decision that could blow up in his face. Exposing a mess of complications that could destroy any chance for their happily ever after.

Product Warnings: Contains one sharp-suited man desperately in need of redemption, another whose thuggish exterior does a pretty good job of hiding his heart of gold, frotting in camper vans, a sensual head-shaving scene and several (noisy) guest appearances from Mas.

First Edition published by Samhain Publishing, 2015.

Book Review

If there is anyone who has the ability to change my opinion of Grant, Mas's oh-so-closeted and married lover, then I figured it would be author Josephine Myles. 'Scrap' is the third book in 'The Bristol Collection', and to say I was eager to read it, is a mild description. This is such a fabulous, fun, sexy, quirky series, and I've adored each of the previous installments. The thought of Grant meeting his match in Dare—two tops fighting for dominance—well, for those who know me, I'm sure you can imagine the look in my eyes!

What would it feel like to be with a man who was taller and stronger than him? It wasn’t something he’d ever seriously considered. He swallowed hard, his heart beginning to pound.

If there are two more different men than Grant and Dare, I'm not sure I've had the pleasure of meeting them. Grant is a businessman, a professional in suits and ties, uptight, and stodgy. Very proper, if you get my meaning. He's always been attracted to slim young twinks, like Mas, and he's always topped, and always been in control. Dare? Well, he owns what appears to be a scrap yard, although Dare makes his living refurbishing used camper vans. He's a sweaty, oily, greasy mess, with a lot of tattoos, and a shaved head. He, most definitely, is a top, and he's making it his mission to show Grant what he's been missing. Dare is arrogant, smart, and the perfect match for a man he can't imagine having more than a one-night stand with.

An incredible addition to the series! I loved this book, even more than the previous ones, and that's saying a LOT! Grant and Dare's slowly evolving friendship, which became so much more, but which neither could admit, was a fabulous tale of love. Love which neither man knew they were capable of feeling, or that they even wanted. Oh please, Jo, can I have more? Please give me a short story with these two men whom I adore. Thank you very much, for returning me to Bristol where I'm so happy, and for giving me this story. It, most definitely, will be included in my favorites.





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 369 pages
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Publication Date 22-June-2017
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