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Scrambling by Lex Valentine at Loose Id

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Athletes/Coaches / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 29-October-2012

Book Blurb

Evan McAdams has two constants in his life--football and his friendship with Reed Matthews. From the age of six, Evan's played football alongside Reed. In his teens, he realized he was gay and loved Reed, but fear kept him from confiding his deepest emotions to his best friend.

When he and Reed are drafted to the L.A. Stars, Evan decides to come out. His decision impacts Reed who's been in the closet too. The two men struggle with secrets of unrequited love while facing the world as the first two openly gay NFL players.

When injury forces Evan to retire, the love he bears Reed can no longer be hidden. But will Reed be able to reciprocate, or will Evan lose both football and the man he's always loved?

Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: male/male sexual practices.

Book Review

One of the most essential components of a successful relationship is good communication. Evan and Reed, in 'Scrambling' by Lex Valentine, are operating under the false assumption that their relationship is all that it could be. They're committed, trusting, and loving toward each other. They would rather be with each other than with anyone on Earth. Their relationship would be perfect except for the one thing. Through a false sense of protecting each other, they are lying to themselves and each other. If Evan and Reed have the caliber of friendship they claim, acknowledging their mutual love would be a wonderful gift, it would complete them. Instead, they've created a negative barrier which is reinforced each time they deny their feelings. If they were as close as they say, nothing would ever come between them.

Essentially, I like both men. They are the strapping, all American, boy-next-door types, with admirable moral compasses and they are very good at what they do. However, this fatal flaw they have, of assuming they know what's best for the other person, irked me to no end. The sheer amount of times the subject was brought up made me want to scream and smack them both. Wake up, guys! How could you be close enough to complete each other's sentences and not trust each other enough to share your deepest feelings? Not only are they cheating themselves, but they are cheating each other out of a fulfilling life and leaving bodies along their confused ways. I find this appalling. It was difficult to feel sorry for them knowing about their deception.

I do love Lex's love scenes though, and savor every word. They portray much more than the physical act. They are descriptive, sensual, passionate, and just plain hot. They also evoke a great deal of emotion and understanding. Even in the heat of passion, Evan staunchly refuses to reveal his feelings, which made me even angrier at him and the situation. With this said, I truly wanted these two men to have a happy ending. I felt like they had struggled enough.

'Scrambling' is a good story. As it delves into the world of the NFL it brings the issue of gays coming out into the spotlight. After all, how can one be at their best on the field, if they have the angst involved with keeping their true self hidden. I'd recommend this to anyone who likes an enjoyable friends to lovers story with engaging characters, an honesty is the best policy theme, and a happy ending. Thanks, Lex, for the pleasant read.




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Format ebook
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Publication Date 25-September-2012
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