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Sasha and Dante (Operation True One 3) by Bellann Summer at Siren Publishing

Genre Gay / Urban Fantasy / Erotic Romance / Magic / MPreg / Shifters
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 06-March-2018

Book Blurb

After finding a secret scroll that told of danger and great love, Dante Johnston’s cousins decide to set out on a journey to find their true ones. Being claimed by a grumpy Kodiak grizzly bear shifter isn’t something Dante would ever accept, but he’d go along for the ride. Someone had to be the logical one in the bunch. Meeting his True one, Sasha Kodiak, turned Dante’s world upside down, literally.


When Sasha’s brother needs him to come home, he goes home. Peaceful Siberia will wait for his return. Walking into a church to find a man waving a plastic rose as a weapon against a bear shifter wasn’t what he expected. Sasha finds mouthy, prickly, and temperamental Dante fascinating. Sasha has his hands full. Killing people because they're stupid is out. Finding who is kidnapping and torturing Johnston’s is at the top of the list. Oh, he also has to break it to Dante that he’s carrying twins.


Book Review

‘Sasha and Dante’, from the few hints I got in the previous book, was promising to be the most fiery story in the ‘Operation True One’ series yet. And I am happy to report that it was everything I hoped for – and then some. In this world of bear shifters who have human mates, their “true ones”, identified by a birthmark, things have been very wrong for centuries. The bear shifters and the humans marked to be theirs have only recently discovered the truth behind all the lies, and the fight that erupts between those who believe the truth and those intent on stopping them intensifies to a new level in this third book of the series.

Dante is a spitfire with some definite ideas about how things are supposed to work, and having a mate is not something he is willing to contemplate. Never mind that two of his cousins have already mated and got sons, Dante values his looks and stretchmarks are not in his future. Famous last words! He has a tough time accepting Sasha’s dominance and gives as good as he gets.

Sasha may be the alpha’s brother, but he has no intention of staying with Silver and risking the death of the stupid people all around them. So he has made a home in faraway Siberia – except now his brother is calling him back, and he can’t not help. He has no intention of having a mate – until he realizes that Dante is the one for him. Oh boy!

Sasha and Dante have more than enough challenges just trying to figure each other out and attempting to get along. Then there are continuing attacks, kidnappings, and the horrors of someone out to get rid of all the humans with a birthmark. And between all that chaos and their internal battles, Dante does end up pregnant – with twins, no less – and he is hysterical and afraid. Both men have to learn to bend a little if they want to make their relationship a success, and it was definitely fun to watch them struggle.

If you like watching lonely bear shifters and determined humans do battle, if you want to find out more about the mysteries still shrouding the fates of the Kodiak bear shifters and the human members of the Johnstons family, and if you’re looking for a highly entertaining, action-packed, and suspenseful read that manages to be as intense as it is humorous, then you will probably like this novella. I think it’s the best one yet!





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 28289 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 01-March-2018
Price $4.50 ebook
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