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Safe Harbor by Edward Kendrick at Silver Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance / Holiday
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 18-October-2012

Book Blurb

When Bobby, aka 'Prizm', witnesses the kidnapping of two other street kids and later learns one of them was murdered, he goes to the only man he thinks can help him.


Father Kurt, an Episcopal priest who runs the Harbor, a shelter for homeless kids, gets more than he bargained for when he talks Bobby into going to the police.


While the search is on for the killers, who may also be cops, Bobby and Kurt find themselves attracted to each other. Then a new friend of Bobby's is taken by the murderers and he decides it's time to use the resources at hand, other street kids, to find and to stop the murderers.


Book Review

A mystery involving a young homeless man (on the streets since he was fourteen) and a priest running a shelter for homeless kids is bound to be interesting, right? 'Safe Harbor' is just such a book, and I really liked it; from the characters and the plotline, to the detailed descriptions and even a few humorous moments, it had everything I expected. It was gritty in the right places, and very romantic and tender when the two main characters started exploring their relationship – or rather, expanded it into the new-to-them arena of romantic involvement.


Bobby, aka Prizm when he is on the streets, has had to fend for himself for four years, but when he witnesses two cops using some street kids for their own pleasure before arresting them, he doesn’t know what to do. It isn't just him anymore, and he has a feeling more might be involved. And when some of them turn up dead, he is ready to drop his "I hate everyone" attitude and decide to help solve their murders. In a decidedly Bobby-like way, of course.


Father Kurt runs the shelter for homeless kids, and while his motivation maybe rooted in his religious beliefs, he is as worldly as they need him to be. He is also an Episcopalian priest, so he doesn't have to hold back where Bobby is concerned. Well, not beyond the fact that he feels he is too old for the much younger man. Luckily he has a good friend on the police force as well, so finding out who murdered the kids is made a little easier. Working together with Bobby, who attempts to seduce him at every turn, shows him there my be potential for a lot more than the tentative friendship they have at the beginning.


If you like unusual murder mysteries, if you enjoy a young man going after a guy no matter his age, and if you enjoy realistic stories where kids and adults live in the street and deal with life as best they can, you will probably enjoy this book.




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Format ebook
Length Novella, 127 pages/23440 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 29-September-2012
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