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Ripped by Anita Kinley at Siren Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 13-April-2013

Book Blurb

Five years after the death of his wife and child in an automobile accident, Roman Carter, owner of Ripped specialty gym in Hot Springs, Arkansas, begins a new chapter in his life.

Physical intimacy is easy for Roman as he shares a bed with husband Kyle Stringer. Kyle expresses his love verbally, but Roman is unable to return the sentiments. Their first lessons in intimacy are clouded by this realization. Kyle quickly questions Roman’s love for him, and the pair ends up in different bedrooms. HIV-positive and still recovering from an abusive relationship, Kyle needs his husband’s reassurance, but Roman is terrified that opening his heart to Kyle would be a betrayal of his wife’s memory.

Roman admits becoming romantically involved with Kyle, gym physical therapist and trainer, was one of the best things he could have done, but when tragedy threatens to rip their marriage apart, can the couple evolve their wounded souls to find peace?

Book Review

A story that starts with a commitment ceremony between two men who are very much in love should be a happy one, right? Well, in this case the two men involved have a ton of issues and as much as they love each other, the problems they each have individually and, as a result, as a couple are truly overwhelming. This book pulled me in with the magnitude of the loss that Romany experienced and made me sad with his lack of ability to deal with it. Kyle doesn’t have it easy either, and while his standing up for himself and their marriage also hurt Roman, I was behind Kyle 100 percent . Without him pushing, there would not have been anything left for them to salvage by the end of the book.

Roman is torn apart by the love he still feels for his dead wife and their unborn son. He never truly grieved, so the pain has just grown and grown. Five years later it is more than time for him to move on – but he can't. True, he has a relationship with Kyle and really wants to make it work, but he feels tremendous guilt about loving him and moving on. He thinks it's being disloyal to his wife. Kyle makes him face the truth – and a few other events help as well, but it is a painful process.

Kyle has a few issues of his own to deal with. He's HIV-positive thanks to his abusive ex-lover, and he hasn’t really worked through that situation either. He does know he loved Roman deeply, but he's tired of taking second place behind Roman's dead wife. The way in which he pushes Roman may not be pretty, and a psychologist might handle it differently, but Kyle is just a normal guy and does the best he can. It made the whole situation very real, and I suffered with both of them. Yes, the somewhat strange terms of endearment got to me, but on the whole, these guys rang true to me.

If you like books with real emotions and raw feelings, if you want to read about two wounded men fighting for their love and trying to figure out how they fit together, and if you're looking for a story that combines incredible suffering with a message of love and hope, you will probably like this book.




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Format ebook
Length Novella, 21470 words
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Publication Date 07-November-2012
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