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Rhys Has a Crush by Melanie Tushmore at Storm Moon Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 06-May-2013

Book Blurb

Nineteen-year-old wannabe rockstar Rhys spends his days hanging out and drinking with his garage band in his friend's house. It's not like there's anything else to do in their boring home town.

Then Seb's older brother appears; a gorgeous vision in tight, black clothing, and long dark hair. Rhys is instantly attracted, though his attempts to flirt with the mysterious Damien don't go all that well. So Rhys resorts to a fail safe plan: steal Damien's phone number, and send him anonymous love-texts.


Book Review

As crushes go, Rhys has it pretty bad. With lots of humor, self deprecation, and the typical "coolness" of a teenager of nineteen, Rhys approaches the sudden crush he develops on the elder brother of one of his obnoxious band mates. Rhys has all these concerns about his image, and needs to be super-cool as a future rock star, so anything that detracts from his greatness is not welcome. Unfortunately, he feels like a moron around Damien, the object of his affections, and that leaves him with a bit of an issue. He is too shy to talk to Damien, so he decides to text.

However, Rhys doesn’t want to be recognized, since that would sort of defeat the purpose of maintaining his coolness, so he sets up this elaborate stalker-scheme with an anonymous phone. I laughed out loud several times when he described the whole setup. What he finds out once he and Damien start texting isn't at all what he expected, but it leads to the two of them getting to know each other in anonymity. As it turns out, that is just what both of them need. With lots of emotion, very little of it admitted out loud, of course, since that would not be cool, they get to know each other a lot better – and in person. Finally!

If you like stories with a lot of humor that will make you laugh, and if you're looking for a short read that is as hot as it is sweet and funny, you will probably enjoy this short story. It's a great one to cheer you up when you need a bit of a lighter touch. I'm still grinning!





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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 28 pages/10700 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 22-April-2013
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