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Revealing the Beast (Solitary Shifters 2) by Summer Devon

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Erotic Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 09-February-2018

Book Blurb

Colt Easton is an easy-going, fun loving, good with little kids...and occasionally turns into a beast capable of ripping out a man's throat.

His shifting is a family secret he'd be more than happy to keep--if there wasn't a little boy's life at stake. A deathbed confession revealed the child could carry Easton blood. The only way Colt can monitor the boy is with a job at his day-care center. The problem? New laws decree that all shifters be tagged. No blood test, no job. 

Dr. Jasper Glen is instantly drawn to the outgoing Colt and is certain any child would be safe in the handsome shifter's care. He ought to know-he's been studying shifters for years, even invented the blood test that now, to his shame, the government is using against them. All it takes is a quick vial switch. Except Jasper's good deed blows the lid off a secret he didn't even know he was keeping and now he is as reviled as any shifter. And worse, he has put Colt in the sights of some shady government goons.

First Edition published by Samhain Publishing, 2014.

Book Review

I had a lot of fun reading the first book in this series by Summer Devon, 'Taming the Bander', so when I discovered a second book, I was certainly interested. Not to mention the blurb kind of sucked me in. *grins* Is Colt going to be a bander, too, or is he something else? And how did the shifters get outed so that employers are doing blood tests for it? So, yeah, I think you can see why I was fascinated. I am a shifter girl, after all!

Colt is a varelse, a very rare cat shifter. He's also hotter than hot, has the attention span of a toddler, and much like Jake from the first book, Colt doesn't like to talk much unless it's to toddlers and a certain hot doctor he's about to meet. What can I say? I love the quiet, intense guys! Colt has moved to Connecticut and applied for a job at a daycare center so he can keep his eyes on his brother's son, who probably carries the varelse gene as everyone in Colt's family does. Colt is hoping that if he admits he's a shifter right off the bat, he can get them to not perform the blood tests. The tests will reveal what kind of shifter he is, and everyone thinks the varelse are nothing but bloodthirsty savages. Colt doesn't expect the reaction he has when he goes to the clinic and meets Jasper (Glen).

Glen is a veterinarian who has been fascinated with shifters ever since meeting his first. Who, by the way, happens to be Jake, the bander. Glen created the blood tests to reveal shifters, but he did it to learn more, to be able to help shifters with any species specific diseases, etc. The government, however, had different ideas and uses the tests to classify and register all shifters. When Glen meets Colt he's definitely interested, in a purely professional manner of course, when he realizes that Colt, unlike most shifters, has no problem discussing his inherent abilities with Glen. Colt is even willing to allow Glen to watch him shift. Holy cow, Glen has won the lottery for his inquisitive mind! Of course, Glen can swear it's professionalism all the way, but in his heart of hearts, he's just as attracted to Colt. So after spending time with Colt and getting to know him, Glen switches the blood vials donated by Colt with blood of Glen's and submits them for testing. He has no idea the disaster he's just begun.

What comes next is anyone's nightmare regarding conspiracy theorists and mad scientists. Glen and Colt are hunted across two states while dealing with their unquenchable desire for each other and changes that Glen is experiencing. I'm not telling the ending and ruining the surprise, though. So. There. Glen and Colt are both strong characters who generated some definite heat. I definitely enjoyed this story and can easily recommend it if you like hot shifters with geeky science nerds on the side.





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 224 pages
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Publication Date 05-April-2017
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