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Remain by Alex Jones at Rebel Ink Press

Genre Gay / Urban Fantasy / Magic / Royalty/Nobility / Elves/Fairies/Sidhe / Romance
Reviewed by Alex on 25-May-2013

Book Blurb

Jace is an artist whose personal life took a back seat two years ago after he parted ways with an alcoholic ex-boyfriend. He has settled comfortably into his new life alone. He works mornings at the local coffee shop and evenings at an art gallery. His life is quiet, but that’s alright with Jace.

Until he meets Morgan. The man is intense, passionate and earnest to a fault. Jace falls head over heels, but it quickly becomes clear that Morgan is more than he seems. As Jace finds himself thrown into a world of monstrous creatures and arcane beings, he’s confronted with Morgan’s real nature – a knight of the fey, sworn in service to a Seelie Queen. It’s a world Morgan never meant him to know.

Jace’s arrival in the fey realm turns the heads of many. When the price of their tryst becomes a fight for their lives, Jace and Morgan face questions of love, loyalty and what humanity truly means. Each must decide where he stands before fate makes the decision for them.


Book Review

I very much enjoyed this adventurous, yet romantic tale of stepping through the fabric of one world into that of another, to chase after love. Entering the story, I was immediately captivated by Jace, a lonely, but determined young artist, who after a debilitating breakup with his lover two years earlier, is taking things one day at a time. Jace lives above a gallery which is home to some of his artwork, but manages a coffee shop to pay his bills. He’s a bit gun-shy on the romance, and as such has been slow to hook up steadily with anyone despite hearty encouragement from his gal pal, Felicia. His life, attitude, and world change dramatically one night, when in quick succession, his automobile collides with an unseen object, he finds a strange silver-pronged stone, and he’s drawn to a strikingly attractive stranger at his gallery.

That stranger is Morgan, a handsome, virile warrior from another realm who has entered Jace’s gallery hunting for a creature who has escaped from his homeland. Hoping to capture the creature and leave without anyone being the wiser, Morgan instead has a chance encounter with the shy sweetness that is Jace and decides he cannot depart without a taste of the beautiful man. What follows is a night of passion that neither man can forget and ends with the beginning of an adventurous odyssey that spans two worlds.
Attempting to slip away in the wee hours of the morning, Morgan is followed by Jace, who unknowingly moves from this world into the world of Amaranth, the realm of the fey. The adventures that follow reveal clever and detailed glimpses into the land of Amaranth, its fey inhabitants, and the laws and climate of the reigning fairy queen. As Morgan attempts to return Jace to his world, laws are broken, creatures appear and are slain, family and friends are betrayed, and a beautiful queen is discovered to be treacherously evil.
Despite the awkward atmosphere experienced by both Jace and Morgan upon the initial discovery of what their night of passion has wrought, the spiraling adventures lead the two men to forge a trust in each other that transforms their fledging attraction into a binding love. But as a true knight of Amaranth, Morgan is determined to keep his promise to get Jace back to his home despite his personal sense of loss, and Jace is plagued with uncertainty and angst about what kind of life he can possibly have absent of Morgan.

Nicely paced and penned, the author slices through the elaborate world-building that frequently accompanies the fantasy genre, utilizing a brilliant, condensed style that weaves a rich tapestry for the senses, providing an enchanting and enigmatic vision of the world of Amaranth and its people. The smex is romantically hot and both characters are easily inhabitable; Jace’s shyness shifting to pluck, as he rises to the challenges that make him adorable, and Morgan’s struggles to balance his needs with that of the realm, make him a knight worthy of love. I especially enjoyed the characterization of the queen of the fey city Brynstoem, a spectacular vision of evil in the guise of beauty and light. Members of the supporting cast were delightful; I hope the author plans a sequel. I would love to hear more about Llewellyn, the queen’s young brother, and Hector, Morgan’s comrade, both of whom have an air of mystery surrounding them.

Thank you, Alex Jones, for penning this sharp, smart, fantasy adventure of lonely men, lonelier knights and the fight for love. I’ll go with “Enchanting, plucky, gallant!”





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Length Novel, 69497 words
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Publication Date 03-May-2013
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