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Relative Best (Foothills Pride 5) by Pat Henshaw at Dreamspinner Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 17-August-2016

Book Blurb

Sometimes love sneaks up when you’re least looking for it….

Zeke Bandy, owner of Bandy’s Finest Hotel in Old Town Stone Acres, California, is too busy for love. Not only does he oversee the operations of the historic hotel and uphold his family’s tradition of offering refuge to strays and runaways, Zeke also sings and plays down-home music two nights a week at the Stonewall Saloon and for occasional celebrations. Then Zeke meets Victor Longbow, the man of his dreams.

Vic isn’t looking for love either. In fact, because of his upbringing in a strict, white foster family, Vic’s not sure he believes in love. He’s in Stone Acres to open a branch office of a national brokerage firm. He’s also hoping to find a vintage photo of what might be his Native American ancestor. 

After their paths cross, they become friends, then more. Connected by their experiences as orphans raised by flawed fathers, Zeke and Vic realize that some men must find love, hone it, and create families for themselves.

Book Review

It's been a long time since I've been back in Stone Acres and the 'Foothills Pride' series. It is definitely one I enjoy as these books are easy, short, have a great romance, are very sweet, and have wonderful happy ever afters. I was definitely interested to see what Zeke and Vic would bring to the table.

Zeke's mistress is the historic Bandy's Finest Hotel in Old Town that's been there forever. It's been Zeke's home for almost as long as he can remember ever since his dad adopted him from a state orphanage when he was young. The hotel's third floor has seen many refugees through the years, people escaping abusive situations, or just needing somewhere they can come to terms with their sexuality. Many of them live there permanently and Zeke is just as involved in helping people as he is in running the hotel. Zeke has determined, though, that this year he's finally going to allow himself the time to find his special someone who will love him, support him, and stand by his side as he does the same for them.

Vic is Native American but grew up in an all-white foster family and went to all-white schools. It wasn't until he graduated from Harvard and started working for a brokerage firm in San Francisco, and going to the casinos, that he'd ever met another Native American. His foster family is pretty dysfunctional and he met his own share of abuse at their hands. Now he's in Stone Acres to open and run a branch of the brokerage firm and he's interested in looking through all the historic photos at the hotel. He's also pretty interested in Zeke.

Another lovely addition to the series. Zeke and Vic are perfect for each other and it was wonderful to see them fall in love. I also really liked the way the author wrote about family, the ones we're born to and the ones we make for ourselves. Thank you, Pat!





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 80 pages/25109 words
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Publication Date 17-August-2016
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