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Reckless (Southwestern Shifters 3) by Bailey Bradford at Pride Publishing

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 22-July-2011

Book Blurb

Six months in his enemies hands has left Marcus Criswell a shell of the man he used to be—or so he thought until his destined mate rescued him from a cruel death.

Six months have passed since Marcus Criswell, Alpha Anax of the North American shifters, disappeared. Held captive, tortured and driven to the brink of madness, he still refuses to give up. Even when his captors abandon him, leaving him chained without food or water, Marcus will not accept his fate.

Until his fate changes with the appearance of his mate, Nathan Grant. Now if only the two of them can survive long enough to enjoy it.

Nathan Grant doesn’t know the first thing about shifters other than he is one and should avoid all others. He’s followed that advice all of his life. Raised by humans, Nathan is more than a little uncomfortable with the idea of being around any other shifters. One spontaneous day spent running as his wolf in Lincoln National Forest forces Nathan to reconsider what little he thought he knew, and to risk his life for one very unforgettable man.

Surviving isn’t easy, and Marcus is all too aware he’s only a shell of the man he used to be. He wasn’t broken completely, but he’s definitely fractured, and even finding his mate might not be enough to help him heal.


Book Review

'Reckless', the third book in this increasingly fascinating series, is the most amazing of them all for me. I loved the storyline, the depth of feelings Marcus displays (both in captivity and during his painful recovery), and the heat and need between him and his newfound mate, Nathan.

Marcus is used to being in control, being further up the wolf shifter hierarchy even than his younger twin brother Aidan. The situation he is in requires him coming to terms with the fact, not only of his torture, but also of his helplessness. That is hard for him to accept, and his recovery is slow. The stages he goes through and the obstacles he encounters are harsh, but very believable.

Nathan is a wounded man as well, but in a very different way. Having been told shifters are bad all his life, he’s now faced with being mated to one of them. Everyone expects him to fit right in, but it is not easy for him to deal with Marcus and his issues, as well as his own. It makes for some great tension and had me glued to the pages.

If you like shifter stories with powerful villains, intense, lovable characters and deep emotions, you will probably like this book. But it is more than a shifter story. The way emotional trauma and how people deal with it comes to the fore here as does the role love and acceptance play in healing wounds of a physical and emotional nature. I loved this book, even though it had me shuddering at some of the brutality that was referenced. A great read, and I sincerely hope there will be a next volume - soon!


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Format ebook and print
Length NovelNovel, 165 pages/65344 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 18-April-2011
Price $5.50 ebook, $10.50 paperback
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