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Reckless Behaviour (Impressions 1) by Talia Carmichael at Pride Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / May/December / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 22-June-2011

Book Blurb

Aidan Vaughn lets himself be swept into a night of passion with a sexy younger man. After their one night of pleasure, Aidan believes he’s seen the last of him. But fate has other plans. The hot young man is crossing his path again and is making his intentions clear. Aidan considers him off limits, at least by his own rules. Yet, Aidan finds himself wondering…was once really enough?

Enrique Matthews is not one to pass up opportunities. And he sure as hell wasn't about to with this one. It didn't matter if it was luck or coincidence that he found the hot older gentleman with whom he’d had one memorable night. Now he had to convince Aidan he wanted more than a one night stand. Will determination and seduction get him what he desires? Enrique was willing, able, and limber enough to engage in a little… hell, a lot… of Reckless Behaviour to get what he wanted… this sexy man for his, now and forever.

Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series.

Book Review

As long as you are willing to face the consequences, you can behave anyway you'd like. The kicker is, you have no way of knowing ahead of time what those consequences may be. When Aidan Vaughn of 'Reckless Behavior' by Talia Carmichael, decided to live recklessly and have wild sex with a stranger, his behavior generated consequences that changed his life forever—whether he was ready for it or not.

The characters in 'Reckless Behavior' are remarkably well written. Woven like an intricate spider web, many personalities and emotions came together, each adding a special perspective. I appreciated Enrique’s close relationship with his friends, Niall and Braden, how they cared for each other, just as good friends should. I also enjoyed the interaction between Aidan and his brother, Kinkaid. Kinkaid could act like a pompous ass at times, but the level of love and concern he had for his brother Aidan changed my mind. I realized that there was a lot of good in him as well.

I felt Aidan's pain from the beginning. He seemed so detached, so empty. After experiencing real love, it's virtually impossible to live happily without it. Aiden was letting the past rule his present and negatively affect his future. He'd lost one love of his life and wasn't willing to risk losing another. But the heart wants what the heart wants. Regardless of the fear of being hurt again, his heart wanted Enrique. When he realized that he was in love with Enrique, it was so sad that instead of embracing it, he freaked and tried to deny it. Aidan was blessed with a wonderful, supportive family and terrific friends who wanted to help him, his battle to trust again was all up to him.

Enrique was amazing. I could feel strength, passion, and ambition oozing out of his pores, but at the same time, I felt his humility and gratitude. I was especially impressed with the high regard he had for his mother. I cried when I read of his declaration of what an important influence she'd had in his life: “I wouldn’t be me without you, Mami.” The more I discovered about him, the more impressed I became. This was a man who knew what he wanted and was willing to work hard to make it so. I sympathized with Enrique's frustration with Aiden and his fears. No one could have tried harder than Enrique to prove to him that he wanted to share not just Aidan's body, but his life.

I loved the emphasis Talia put on the importance of family and friends and the wonderful ways in which she portrayed them. I felt as if I knew each character and suffered as well as celebrated along with them. Aidan and Enrique's passionate moments were exceptionally hot, yet extremely loving at the same time. I'm not quite sure how Talia fit so much action and emotion into eighty-nine pages, but it is quite a remarkable accomplishment. It was a great reading adventure and I'm looking forward to reading more of her work in the future.



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