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Prisoner 374215 by Angel Martinez at MM Romance Group @ Goodreads

Genre Gay / Futuristic / Science Fiction / Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 19-June-2013

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While the cell is sparse and cold, at least this one has a bed. The figure resting there is too thin; too still, the prominent bones the result of long starvation, the stillness the product of too much anguish and abuse. He watches, though. An anxious, intelligent mind still occupies this frail and failing body, one that watches and wonders about the new guard occupying his cell each night.



Book Review

While the blurb didn’t exactly encourage me into thinking this would be a book I'd truly enjoy reading (what do you mean – no happy ending?), I like Angel's work enough to figure she'd find a way to make it good. And she did. This is a harsh, gritty story about the realities and consequences of torture and psychological conditioning, a true roller coaster ride of cruelty with just a glimpse of hope, and the futuristic setting only made things worse. After all, look what we do to our fellow humans today, just imagine how much worse it will get with more technological and medical advances? Truly, a well-written short story that held me spellbound and didn’t let me go easily once it ended.

While there are other things I'd like to say, I'm afraid you're going to have to read it for yourself (if you dare). But I can’t go into details without giving away too much of the plot and its twists. Let me just say it is well done, scarily believable, and utterly terrifying. Until the final "excerpt" from the history book, I thought I'd have nightmares for weeks. I still might – but thanks to that speck of information at the end, at least I'll be able to fight them better.

So, if you like dark stories set in the distant future, if you prefer your men slightly mysterious, wounded, and fighting for their lives, and if you're looking for a read that will have you reeling with emotion, then you will probably like this free short story.





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Length Short Story, 10360 words
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Publication Date 17-August-2013
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