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Planting Seeds (Earth Day Celebration Series) by Alex Whitehall at Storm Moon Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 09-May-2013

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Gabe, white collar through and through, and his coworkers spend Earth Day helping a soup kitchen prepare its gardens. But Aiden, a soup kitchen volunteer, gives Gabe nothing but grief for his help. Is this a thorn he has to bear for the day, or will they end up planting the seeds of friendship?


Book Review

The combination of a white collar office worker, who spends no more than one day a year thinking about "being green", and a volunteer who has made it his life's goal to live as green as possible, is bound to be explosive. Mainly because, as is the case here, Aiden, the greener of the two men, has a humungous chip on his shoulder and believes that Gabe, the office worker, cannot possibly know what it's all about, nor will he care for longer than the one assigned day.

Gabe may be naïve, and may have never really thought about the environmental impact of what he does or does not do, but he is volunteering now, and is willing to learn. He is taken aback at Aiden's aggressiveness, but is stubborn enough to keep digging for more info. I liked how honest he was and that he didn’t back down a single inch.

Aiden is angry at the world for not caring more.  While he grudgingly admits that the office-based volunteers who are here for the day to help, he also sees the bigger picture and knows it isn’t enough. He reluctantly answers all of Gabe's questions but doesn’t really expect more than a one-day encounter. The subtle interest and tension between them probably infuriates him further, but he is man enough to admit he is interested in Gabe.

'Planting Seeds' can be taken in more than one way, and I liked how the secondary meaning came through at the end. While most of the story happens around the primary meaning of actually putting seeds in the ground, meanwhile the secondary meaning of planting an idea, the beginnings of something new quietly takes place in the background. If you like simple stories that are all about human nature and a subtly growing attraction between two strangers, if you enjoy reading about two stubborn men who learn to communicate, and if you're looking for a sweet read that is likely to make you smile, then you will probably like this short story.




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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 10 pages/2800 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 22-April-2013
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