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Permanently Legless by JL Merrow at JMS Books

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Military/Former Military / Disability / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 08-June-2016

Book Blurb

Only half the man he used to be -- but maybe that’s enough

The Taliban may have taken both Chris’s legs, but he came back from Afghanistan with his sense of humour and his lust for life firmly intact. The one thing that can shake his confidence is meeting Josh, the one-night stand from before his tour of duty he hasn’t been able to forget.

It turns out Josh hasn’t forgotten Chris, either. He spent the time they were apart fearing the worst every time a soldier was reported killed in action -- and wishing Chris would use the number Josh gave him, and call.

Josh’s delight on seeing Chris again quickly turns to shock on seeing his injuries. With Chris such a changed man, can they still have a future?

NOTE: This book was previously published by Amber Allure in January 2012.

Book Review

What I loved most about this story was the main character’s unique voice and the way he tells the story. It made him so real to me that I felt as if he were a friend I’ve known for a while. Chris may have had both legs amputated after an incident in Afghanistan, but he kept his sense of humor and now has a very unique outlook on life.

Chris gave me only some of the facts of what happened, his focus is on describing how he deals with life now that he has to learn to live in a wheelchair. He has already learned how to manage everyday situations, and this story focuses on his social life and rediscovering that he still has a love life as well. He doesn’t say that he is afraid of never finding acceptance from a partner, but it is clear that he worries.

Josh may have only been a quick encounter in a bar six months earlier, before Chris went on active duty, but he turns out to become so much more. Yes, he is shocked that Chris is in a wheelchair, but he sees right through that to the man he was interested in before. Very few people are able to do this, and in that sense Josh is an exceptional man. He is also quite normal since he goes after Chris because he is interested in him as a person and as someone who is good to be with in bed – legs or no legs, Josh realizes that isn’t what counts most.

‘Permanently Legless’ is another great example of JL Merrow’s ability to make a character come so alive I think I can touch him. Chris has a unique voice, a real message of hope to give, and at the same time, explains some of what life in a wheelchair can be like.

If you prefer your stories with some depth that will make you think, if you like a good romance without it being overly sweet, and if you want to meet another of JL Merrow’s fascinating men, go and buy this book. It’s worth every penny!





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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 23 pages/7015 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 04-June-2016
Price $1.99 ebook
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