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Optical Illusions by Gale Stanley at Evernight Publishing

Genre Bisexual / Contemporary / Menage MMF / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by jj on 10-July-2015

Book Blurb

Maggie’s troubled past makes her seal off her heart. She shuts everyone out, and puts all her energy into work, but suddenly, she’s having erotic fantasies about her two bosses. They’re perfect. Good-looking, intelligent, caring… Everything a woman could want. But they only have eyes for each other.

Michael and Aaron have been a couple since college, but one thing is missing from their relationship. They’re bisexual and they miss having a woman in their lives. Maggie would be the perfect addition to their family. She’s beautiful, smart, compassionate… But they’re sure she’ll never accept their unconventional lifestyle.


Book Review

This is a fun and really hot short romance. The main focal point is a store called Optical Illusions which is run by two optometrists with a very talented young woman, Maggie, managing the retail frames boutique. She is amazing. The eye doctors become more complete and richer characters as the story progresses. Delightfully erotic!

Maggie Jones is a relatively young woman who has never quite been able to manage her libido. Her parents had her late in their lives and they seemed to have no idea how to handle a young child or sexually active teenager. Now Maggie is on her own and she is a really stunning woman. So coupled with her open and rather sensuous nature, she seems to have little difficulty getting herself into tense yet highly erotic situations. I think Maggie is an absolute stunner! She finds her occupational niche within a new business run by two rather attractive doctors. However, she is fairly convinced they are gay, but when they decide to expand their business including her in their business plan, she starts to get to know them in ways she initially never would have imagined. Splendidly sensuous!

Michael Briggs and Aaron Moore seem somewhat inseparable and that is deliciously sweet. It feels as if they are totally on each others wavelength and just the most perfect couple on the planet. These fellows are the owners of Optical Illusions and come to be fairly dependent on Maggie's talents. This threesome somewhat accidentally seems to become more integral and potentially intimate with each other after Maggie deftly handles the business scenario on her own because it is interrupted by the death of Aaron's father. Even with Maggie being the primary voice for this tale, there is no difficulty sensing Michael and Aaron's relationship and their desire to be much closer to Maggie. Additionally, it is indisputably easy to link into Maggie's desire to be with both of them. Creatively carnal!

Yes, I definitely recommend a tall, cool, icy beverage to accompany the reading of this short narrative. It was still blisteringly sexy on my re-read and I think should unequivocally not be missed. Suggestively seductive!





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 54 pages/18655 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 11-June-2015
Price $3.99 ebook
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