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One Way In by Matthew Aaron Browning

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 17-June-2014

Book Blurb

Teenager Alexander Pratt's first trip to a gay bar leads to a night of new experiences and big decisions that impact his life in ways he can't even imagine.


A prequel to the forthcoming novel "Welcome to Straightville," this story is part of the Real Story Safe Sex Project.

Warning: Contains adult language and explicit sexual content.


Book Review

Alexander, of 'One Way In' by Matthew Aaron Browning, who recently admitted he is gay, is determined to lose his virginity as quickly as possible. He has recently told his friend, Ethel, that he'd had no gay sexual experiences, so Ethel is more than willing to help him. She sneaks him into a gay bar with a fake ID. The rest is up to him. Alexander quickly finds a guy, Ryan, who in practically no time at all has Alexander in bed. Ryan takes little time to get to know Alexander, who is flying high on instinct alone, enjoying all the new sensations he's experiencing and is insatiable. They get to the main event and Ryan stops. He looks for, but doesn't have, a condom. They both want sex, so Ryan tries to talk him into going bareback which causes Alexander to have second thoughts. He wants to continue, but that's the one thing, no matter how turned on he is, that he will not agree to. Again, Ethel comes to the rescue, by throwing condoms into the room so they can continue their interlude, all night long.

Things don't turn out so well for Alexander because Ryan wasn't the person he expects him to be. After they break up, Ryan deliberately outs him which leaves Alexander homeless. His grandparents take him in, but he has to move from Cincinnati, Ohio to Tatesville, West Virginia. Talk about culture shock! Alexander has to start all over again, in a strange place, with different standards. At least the move also takes him away from Ethel, who I think is a bad influence, and away from uncaring, hostile parents. Some of his worries are behind him but new ones take their place. In spite of it all, Alexander tries to maintain a positive outlook and accept the changes in his life.

'One Way In' is an interesting look at a young man's struggle to find himself. Even though I think he rushed the journey, partly due to bad influences around him, he pays his dues and gets a new start. The description of the home HIV test was informative and important, perhaps it will take some of the fear out of the process for young men who need to be tested, but are hesitating. I'm curious about the next step Alexander is going to take and am anxiously waiting for Matthew's full length story, 'Welcome to Straightville', which will continue the tale of the city boy who now needs to learn how to live in the country. I recommend this to young gay men, especially, but also to everyone, because we all need to be informed about the subject of safe sex and what these young men go through. This is Matthew's first published work and I think he's off to a wonderful start. Thanks, Matt, for an entertaining, informative story.





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Length Short Story, 7140 words
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Publication Date 25-April-2014
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