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One Night Contract (Romance on the Go) by Lilith Duvalier at Evernight Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 04-May-2013

Book Blurb

After a long night of feeling like they will never be as happy or as successful as their friends are, Jaden and Rye find themselves desperate for affection, saturated with tequila, and on the verge of a decision that could ruin their solid if strange friendship.

Broad, boyish (and only mostly straight) Rye offers a compromise: a one night contract. As soon as they both leave the bed, the night never happened.

But you can’t rewrite the past. And you can’t ignore your heart.

Be Warned: m/m sex


Book Review

Jaden and Rye are not only best friends and roommates, they are also equally disappointed in their recent dating experiences and other people's expectations as to who they should be. As a consequence, they are both starved for affection. All of these factors play a role in the creation of their "one night contract", the agreement that what happens in bed that night after the party will never be spoken about again, but they are not the only reason things happen. It's very clear from the start that Jaden wants more, and while we don’t hear from Rye until later in the story, it seems he is on the same page.

Jaden is so starved for affection, he had me worried. People tell him he is "too gay" (as if such a thing even existed), but he just wants to be himself.  I thought it was particularly bad that other gay men told him this. They should know better! The idea he would accept just about anything in exchange for some attention and a loving touch could have gotten him into big trouble.  Luckily, he opens up to his best friend and finds him extremely willing to "experiment" – then go for more.

Rye is described as "mostly straight", but that doesn’t seem to stop him from expressing what he feels for Jaden. Not that he ever really admitted it to himself before that fateful night when they come up with the idea of a "one night contract", valid until they leave the bed, but when the tie comes he is very open to trying new things. He is also the one who isn't willing to let the "contract" end, and I loved the way he took the pillow with him as proof that he hadn’t left the bed. Perfect!

This story is a great mix of sweet, cute, and extremely passionate. Both men have issues but never thought they'd be the ones to support each other as more than friends. They are clearly right for each other as well, and once they do admit their feelings, the fact they know each other so well comes in very handy. If you like stories about friends becoming more, if you enjoy reading books with just a touch of angst, and if you're looking for a hot, passionate read, then you will probably like this book.





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Format ebook and audio
Length Short Story, 12030 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 21-March-2013
Price $2.99 ebook
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