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Once You Go Demon by Sean Michael at Changeling Press

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Angels/Demons / Menage MMM / BDSM / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 28-January-2017

Book Blurb

There’s a shift of power happening in Hell, and nothing will ever be the same.

Kerr has been with high demon Horatio’s household since his age of majority. A natural submissive pleasure demon, for the last seven years he has been untouched by his master Horatio and his job has morphed into a more managerial role. Still, it’s a shock when goons from Master Belial’s house arrive at his doorstep to inform him he’s been sold and his new master expects him to come immediately.

Lost by Horatio in a card game, Kerr finds himself in the Belial household, where Ceris, Master of the Harem, takes Kerr under his wing. Kerr is not only honored and used as he was made to be, but he is given a newly acquired demon, Harmony, as his own to train. The three pleasure demons have a rocky start together, but they have all the time in Hell to figure out how to work together and it isn’t long before they begin to care for one another.

Meanwhile, Belial has waited for thousands of years for Horatio to admit that he’s actually a submissive. When it appears that is never going to happen, Belial arranges for his best friend to lose a card game in which he’s offered himself as the prize. Horatio can’t believe Belial would do this for him, but the council puts their seal of approval on the bet, and he has no choice but to offer himself to Belial, who immediately gets to work convincing Horatio that he’ll be so much happier as Belial’s sub.

Will Kerr and Horatio find joy in their places in the Belial household? Only time will tell.

First edition published by OmniLit/All Romance ebooks in November, 2016.

Book Review

Card-game playing demons who end up losing their freedom, a submissive who has been trained but never used and refuses to knuckle under when he is sold, and a demon who thought himself a Master (except he isn’t) – now that I had to see. In a version of Hell that feels rather modern and is well-managed, few things go as expected by the characters, but that means I was well entertained reading about their exploits and the twists and turns they encounter as their circumstances change. With plenty of drama and some very, very hot scenes as everyone gets used to their new situation and roles, this novel is a treasure trove of demonically devious BDSM, rough loving, and surprising emotions.
Kerr faces a major readjustment. Originally trained as a submissive pleasure demon, he has not been used for many years. Instead he has become a bit of a manager, entrusted with running large parts of the household. When his Master, Horatio, loses him in a card game and Kerr is shipped off without so much as a warning, he is upset and disappointed. But as he gets to know Ceris, the demon in charge of the new Master’s harem, and Harmony, a “virginal” demon who needs training and becomes Kerr’s pet in addition to being a sub for everyone else, Kerr quickly remembers his training and begins to adjust. Even though much is new for Kerr, he does a good job. The one thing he didn’t expect – and neither did the two others – are the emotions that follow. I have to admit that I enjoyed their confusion around how to deal with them as much as their physical “adventures”.

Horatio has run his own household for many, many years. Just as long as he has told himself he is a Dom – except his best friend, Belial, knows he is deluding himself. Belial also has a thing for Horatio, has loved him for a while, so he is quite keen to get control over him. Belial is quite devious – even for a demon – and manages to arrange things so that Horatio ends up as his sub for five years – enough time, or so Belial figures, to show him the advantages of giving in to his true nature. And that is when the fun starts. Horatio’s struggle is considerable, but Belial is more stubborn than expected, and soon Horatio begins to enjoy himself. Not that he is ready to admit that, not even in the privacy of his own thoughts.

If you like your BDSM on the demonic side, if you enjoy watching characters find new roles and discover the unexpected despite their own resistance and pride, and if you’re looking for a read that is about as hot as Hell, then you will probably enjoy this novel about five demons who get to redefine their lives.





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 167 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 27-January-2017
Price $4.99 ebook
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