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On Your Knees, Prospect (Kings of Hell MC 3) by K.A. Merikan at Acerbi & Villani

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Paranormal / Bikers / Angels/Demons / Age Gap / BDSM / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 15-January-2018

Book Blurb

Jake. Kings of Hell MC Prospect. Obedient. Desperate for approval.
Vars. Dominant. Stern. Undead.

Jake is itching to become a patched member of the Kings of Hell MC. 
For two years he's toiled as the only prospect. So when a new guy swans in and thinks he'll get a patch in no time just because he's got friends in high places, Jake is there to stand in his way. 
Only that the guy is older, more experienced, drives a Harley, and has the kind of boots Jake craves to lick. 
But he won't. 
Because he only fucks patches.

Vars is ready to find a new home in the Kings of Hell MC after a messy relationship led him straight to hell. In comparison, the pretty, blue-eyed prospect could be just the pleasant rebound he needs. 
The boy is a brat, but that could be amended with a firm hand and a gag.
If only Jake was ready to admit to his submissive needs, Vars would gladly take him under his wing.
That is, until he finds out something inhuman resides inside of Jake. 
Vars didn’t cheat death only to call out to it again.

But stuck together in one room, keeping each other’s secrets, they might just have to become allies, no matter how unwilling. Because if there is something Vars can’t resist, it’s a boy with pleading eyes.

WARNING: This story contains scenes of violence, offensive language, and morally ambiguous characters.

Book Review

I can honestly admit that my main purpose in reading this third installment in the ‘Kings of Hell MC’ is to see if the authors bring more plot and a resolution to the demon who resides within the building the MC calls home. This demon has lived for a very long time and I want to know what his end game is and how it’ll affect the MC and the characters I’ve come to like. Oh, and I should reiterate something I believe I’ve mentioned in my reviews of the two previous books. The authors warn that this book contains morally ambiguous characters. In my opinion, that is the same as saying the current White House president is only a little dishonest.

“Vars’s bulk pressing against him wasn’t helping with focus, but it was the hold on his arms that was making Jake’s senses spiral out of control. He’d gotten a glimmer of that when wrestling with Gray before, but there was something different about Vars holding him down. He just didn’t know what. “I just want to please,” Jake whispered so quietly he wasn’t sure he’d be heard.”

Jake is a natural submissive and being a prospect for the MC is where he has found pleasure in “serving” although he doesn’t understand that this is why he responds in this manner. It’s why he has worked so hard as a prospect for over two years when he should’ve been patched in already. There’s no way he can be submissive, though. The other guys would view him as weak and the MC is the only home he knows. Of course, when Vars discovers Jake’s “secret”, Jake is even more terrified of being thrown out because he doesn’t know what has already gone on within the walls of the MC.

I was definitely unprepared for where the authors took me. In a really excellent way, though. Since there are far too many spoilers, I’m going to say the following - Vars isn’t exactly human anymore and the MC’s major client, Mr. Magpie, has a lot to do with that. Mr. Magpie doesn’t seem to be what he appears to be, either. Beast and the rest of the MC want a permanent way to get rid of the demon so they aren’t tied to the agreements that have been made with him. Vars wants Jake as his own submissive but until Jake realizes that what a man does in his bedroom doesn’t define who he is outside of it, they’re going to have some issues. And finally, what Jake becomes is something I never saw coming, and I love getting hit from left field in a mystery/suspense/thriller.

I’m slightly disappointed but far more intrigued and excited that this isn’t the final book in the series. Oh no. I got more background on the demon (which I was salivating for), clarification on Magpie (which turned out to be not that surprising, actually), and the best romance and love story I have seen yet in this series. Jake and Vars are incredible together and watching them fall in love and trust was absolutely beautiful. I had a few moments where I was worried that Vars was going to take his own needs too far in their BDSM play, but my worry was completely unfounded.

I can definitely declare ‘On Your Knees, Prospect’ my favorite book, so far, in this wickedly sexy and horribly thrilling series. Now I just have to wait for Gray’s story because I’m betting it’s going to be a doozy.





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Length Novel, 341 pages
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Publication Date 06-December-2017
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