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On Thin Ice (Ariel Estates 1) by Jessica Lee at Resplendence Publishing

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 18-March-2013

Book Blurb

Silas Murdock, lion Pride leader of Ariel Estates, is on the trip of a lifetime, big game hunting with his entourage in Alaska. Everything had been perfect right up until a freak storm barreled into the area ruining their plans followed by an assassin’s bullet plummeting them into the frozen tundra.

Enter wolf shifter and former pack physician, Theodor Lucas. Returning from a trip to a nearby village, he witnesses the crash and finds the wreckage along with an unconscious and barely alive Silas. Theo’s ethical sense won’t allow him to walk away, leaving the male to suffer and freeze to death when there’s a chance he could be saved. Despite the personal risk and his vow to never be responsible for another soul, Theo takes the lone survivor back to his cabin to care for his injuries.

The stranger's unusual scent has Theo stumped. The gorgeous male is definitely not human, but exactly what is a mystery. But Theo’s unexpected guest is the only one with any answers as to who he is, and why their pilot ended up with a bullet to the back.

There’s just one problem: now that the male is awake, he doesn't have a clue. In fact, who, what, and where he is, is a total blank. But for Silas, there is one thing he does know for sure: when it comes to Theo, his hot-as-hell rescuer, a lifesaver has never looked more delicious

Book Review

Interesting characters, a mystery to solve and a plot with a twist – what a great way to start a new series. While Silas and Theo are shifters, that plays less of a role in the way their relationship develops than the kind of men they are; it was more of a background fact that determined their character than a real influence on what happened. I liked that a lot, and enjoyed reading a shifter book where the romance developed independent of a ‘mate bond’.

Theo is a heart-breakingly lonely doctor who gets pulled into saving the survivor of a plane crash much against his will. I loved how I only gradually found out that he is a wolf shifter and what had happened to drive him into the solitude of the Alaskan winter. Even though he thinks he is a bad doctor, and carries around enough guilt for three men, he cannot help himself. He just has to do the right thing.

Silas is a leader, used to getting what he wants. When he ends up wounded and with amnesia, he has to rely on himself for the first time since he was a kid. With the trappings of leadership all gone, he learns what it means to just be him and fall in love. Even though he wants to stay with Theo, he does the right thing too, wanting to find out who did this to him.

The twist at the end may not have caught me unaware, but it was well done. The suspense as to how these two will make things work is high right up until the end and there are no unrealistically easy solutions. The fact that Silas has to figure out how to fit what he wants (Theo) around his duty as a pride leader makes him a better man in the end. If you like shifter stories set firmly in this reality (well, as much as they can be), if real men who struggle with their duties interest you, and if a slowly blooming relationship between ‘a lion and a wolf’ sounds interesting, you will probably, like this book. I look forward to the next one.




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Format ebook
Length Novella, 90 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 29-February-2012
Price $3.99 ebook
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