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Omega's Truth (Irresistible Omegas 10) by Nora Phoenix

Genre Gay / Urban Fantasy / MPreg / Omegaverse / Shifters / Menage MMM / Polyamory / Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 05-January-2022

Book Blurb

The truth will set Sando free…

Sando feels caught between a rock and a hard stone. He wants to be with Maz and Lucan more than anything, but what about his father? How can he dishonor the man he owes his life?


But when the truth comes out about his identity, everything he believed turns out to be a lie, and he turns to the two men who have never let him down. Is he too late or do they still want him?


Meanwhile, the pack has split in two, but both packs face the same threat: General Armitage. What does he want with them? Can they exist in peace or will they always have to fear for their lives? The answer lies in an old prophecy...



This friends to lover MMM romance is the tenth and final book in the Irresistible Omegas series, a bestselling mpreg romance series which needs to be read in order to enjoy the plot lines fully. Both this romance and the series end with a happy ever after, though some side characters may get their story in a spin off series with the second pack.

Book Review

I jumped immediately into this final book in the series as soon as I finished ‘Beta’s Love’, book nine, because I honestly couldn’t wait. Not just to see Maz, Lucan, and Sando’s relationship settled, but I had to discover how the author was going to tie up the loose ends regarding the Melloni gene, deal with General Armitage and the martial law he has incurred on the city, and what Lidon’s role as the True Alpha was going to mean in all of this. I was reading very quickly and holding my breath through more than one part of the story. I’ll say this one final time, in my opinion, these books must be read in order as there’s far too many characters, history, and complex backstories to jump in at any point.


“Maz vowed that as long as he lived, he’d never forget that it had been Lucan who had given it his all. Not Maz, not Sando, but Lucan. He was their core, their heart and soul. He was their everything…”


Maz, Sando, and Lucan got the relationship all three men deserved, but it sure wasn’t easy. Information about Sando’s father changed so many things along with a betrayal of Sando’s very trust which led to Sando having to rediscover what trusting and loving truly means. I greatly enjoyed watching these three men come together, and more importantly, learn from each other that status (alpha, beta, omega) is simply a social construct and has no bearing on what makes a person. Their love story was simply lovely.


To be honest, I feel that the author took it easy on General Armitage and the men loyal to him. Perhaps because that kind of mentality, that those in power and with strength can do as they please, has been in full force within my country for much longer than anyone wants to admit. It’s easy to blame the power that was in office when Ms. Phoenix wrote this book, but the simple fact is that our humanity and morality has been circling the drain for decades. As much as I loved seeing Lidon come forward with his pack, remove the general from power, and rescue the citizens, I guess my cutthroat personality wanted more justice. However, I did love the way Lidon and his pack members handled the aftereffects. No one man should ever have all the power. Not even a small percentage should. The power should always reside where it belongs—with the people.


“Alpha, can we see you shift?”

Lidon looked at Palani, as always right by his side, and his mate nodded. “They need to see you and feel your power. You may not be their savior, but you are their hope.”

Lidon let his wolf fill him and shifted. Then he walked through the masses and let them touch him, hug him, dry their tears in his fur. Palani had been right. More than anything, the people needed hope. The moon had given way for the sun, which rose bright in the blue sky. A new dawn. A new day. A new era. The wolf shifters had returned, and they were here to stay.”


Overall, I truly adored this entire series. It is one of the first omegaverse worlds I read and I will continue to reread these books for years to come. If you enjoy a great worldbuild, strong and vulnerable characters, very hot sex, and adorable babies, then this series might be for you. I can highly recommend it.




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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 321 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 31-July-2020
Price $4.99 ebook, $13.99 paperback
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