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Nuts, Bolts, and Chihuahuas by Tray Ellis at Torquere Press

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 08-September-2014

Book Blurb

TJ has been spending his summer learning how to manage the family hardware store. He expects another ordinary work day when he stumbles into a brawl involving Arlo, a frequent customer he’s been flirting with. If TJ survives this fight, he wants an explanation, and it should start with where the extra-smart dog came from.

Also available in the Dawg Days Anthology.


Book Review

A hardware store is not necessarily the first setting for a romance that comes to my mind, but the author made it work for this story. Somewhere between fantasy and paranormal, it is the tale of TJ, a student working in his fathers business over the summer, and Arlo, the frequent customer TJ is sort of crushing on.

TJ is about to start his senior year at college, but is spending his summer at home trying to figure out if taking over the store one day and running it for the rest of his life is really what he wants. The frequent visits by Arlo, who buys the weirdest odds and ends, definitely help him pass the time, and he wishes he could figure out how to ask the man for a date! Then all hell breaks loose when it looks as though Arlo is getting mugged, and TJ reacts before he can think. What happens next makes TJ question everything he thought he knew about the world, but it also provides him with an opportunity to get closer to Arlo.

If you like stories with a mix of fantasy and paranormal elements, if two shy young men trying to figure out how to get closer sound intriguing, and if you’re looking for a fun read with a few surprises of the supernatural kind, then you will probably like this short story.





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Additional Information

Format ebook
Length Short Story, 22 pages/6200 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 20-August-2014
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