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North's Complication (Lost Shifters 19) by Stephani Hecht at C&J Publishing

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 30-August-2018

Book Blurb

Ever since Fox shifter, North, joined the coalition to work as their psychiatrist, he’s had two rules. One—never get involved with a feline. Two—never, ever, ever get involved with a feline. Not only is North not eager to make any lasting connections, but he doesn’t want any drama in his life.

Tiger shifter, Dominic, has drama as his middle name, and he loves every minute of it. Not only does he intend to live life to the fullest, but he’s not about to make any apologies for it. So, when he finds himself drawn to the super serious and super straight-laced North, Dominic is confused. He’s also scared, because North is the only one who could break through Dominic’s shields.

That’s the last thing that can happen, for if the rest of the shifters discover who Dominic really is, they will all be in danger. Will Dominic be able to keep his secrets or will the whole coalition pay the price for his lies?



First edition published by eXtasy Books, June 2012.


Book Review

Ever since North crept onto the pages of the 'Lost Shifters' series by Stephani Hecht, I have been waiting for his story. North is the coalition's psychiatrist, which right there makes him interesting to me, but he's also very stiff-upper-lip and serious, all the time. That kind of person makes me want to dig under his skin to find out what makes him tick. I know, I know. Curiosity killed the…ehm…cat.

Dominic is a tiger shifter hiding a really big secret. And, I mean, huge. If anyone finds out, Dominic will be returned to his very own personal hell, by way of his father. Nope. I'm not telling the secret. But, it's a really good one, and I wasn't expecting it. *grins* North has his own issues, namely that his family arranged a mating for him a long time ago, and no matter how much he might be attracted to Dominic, it can go nowhere. Talk about a couple of star-crossed lovers. Yikes! And, much like the famous Romeo and Juliet, Dominic makes a bad decision believing he's protecting his family and his birth coalition. Poor Dominic. Luckily for him, Shane cares about Dominic and makes sure those responsible for Dominic's pain pay the bill. In full.

Of course Dominic's secret is revealed, but he doesn't care so much once he hears that North and his fiancé are no longer going through with their mating, and North admits his true feelings for Dominic. From the lowest of emotional lows to the highest of highs - there is never a dull moment in this feline coalition. This was a great addition to the series and since the author is still holding my attention after eighteen books, she's doing a good job!





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 89 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 26-October-2017
Price $3.99 ebook
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