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No Right Words (More Than Words 2) by Nick Kove at Arctic Circle Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / New Adult / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 05-February-2018

Book Blurb

Sometimes it doesn't take much; only a kind word will do.

My sister wishes she'd noticed the signs before our dad hanged himself rather than recognise them for what they were once he was gone. I'm now pretty sure I see the same signs in Alex, a bloke I've had my eyes on for some time.

Though my best friend doesn't like him, that's not going to deter me. Especially not now when I see those signs in Alex; signs I never saw years ago in my dad. I'm not going to wait for the inevitable to happen. I'm approaching Alex--and I'm going to save his life.

First Edition published under the pen name T.T. Kove and the title 'No Right Words (More Than Words 1.1) by Arctic Circle Press, 2015.

Second Edition published under the pen name T.T. Kove and the title 'No Right Words (More Than Words 1.1) by Arctic Circle Press, 2016.

Book Review

When Andreas, of 'More Than Words 2’ by Nick Kove, notices Alex—a boy he's been attracted to but has yet to approach—empty his locker, especially on a Friday afternoon, alarm bells go off in his head. He recognizes the resignation and despair he failed to notice in his own father right before he hung himself. Andreas knows how much Alex is bullied at school and is afraid Alex is going to end his life as well. In an effort to keep Alex safe, Andreas approaches Alex and invites him to his home.

After determining that Alex is indeed gay, they quickly slip into a sexual relationship without getting to know each other. Alex has his problems; he cuts himself as a way of dealing with the world when it gets to be too much. Andreas tells him he doesn't care and tries to make Alex feel accepted in hopes of helping him feel better and not want to kill himself. Andreas tries to include him in making decisions about what video game to play, what type of food he wants to eat, etc. Alex can't make a decision so he simply agrees with Andreas. Later, he invites Alex to come out with him to a club, but Alex hesitates when he realizes Glenn, Andreas's friend and, unfortunately, Alex's biggest tormentor, will be there but Andreas talks him into going. As predicted, the night out ends up in disaster. They go back to Andreas’s house and Alex stays for two more days. When he leaves, Andreas is worried, but can't keep him there against his will. Andreas is relieved when he sees Alex at school on Monday knowing he helped him be there. Things don't go well at school either, but Alex has become more than a 'rescue' project, he's someone Andreas cares a great deal about and wants to be with and he is determined to stand by him, regardless.

This is definitely not a stand-alone story. Alex and Andreas's story is quite complex and if I'd not read about them before, I would not have understood what was going on. This story is written from Andreas's perspective, in hopes of presenting a better understanding of what Andreas was thinking and feeling; I honestly can't say that it helped me understand him any better than I did before. It did, however, emphasize the lengths Andreas was willing to go to keep Alex safe and that he cared enough about him to come out as bisexual for him so they could be together. I love this couple and look forward to reading more about Alex and Andreas in the future. Thanks, Nick, for giving me more time with the guys.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 68 pages
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Publication Date 16-January-2018
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