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No Man's Land by G.S. Wiley at Silver Publishing

Genre Gay / Historical / 20th Century / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 01-July-2013

Book Blurb

London solicitor, Henry Naismith, went through hell in the trenches of World War One with his friend, Jack Harrison, as his only solace. Years later, Henry is back home, the widowed father of a young daughter. Safe in England for the last eight years, he's never truly left the war behind, and it haunts him day and night.

When Henry meets Jack again by chance, he hopes to rekindle their friendship, and perhaps develop something more. But Jack has wartime nightmares of his own, and they both have a long road to travel before they can begin to recover and get on with their lives--together.


Book Review

'No Man's Land' by G.S. Wiley is a short, endearing, yet sad story, but also, a story about hope. Even though it takes place in World War I, in many ways, it's timeless. In a rare moment of quiet, love blooms between two men, Henry and Jack, who are quickly parted when one has to move forward into the fighting while the other is left behind.

It's told from Henry's point of view which, in the beginning, is a sad one indeed. He's never forgotten Jack and, years after their brief encounter, still mourns his loss. Henry has tried to go on with his life as a lawyer, married, and has a four-year-old daughter. Even with all of Henry's blessings, he's not happy and, indeed, wonders if he will ever be. In the course of one of his cases about a man who murdered his wife because of what we now call PTSD, he discovers a man who has theories about and has put into practice, helping other men with similar disabilities heal.

As often happens with star crossed lovers, fate takes the upper hand and brings them together, something neither of them hoped to dream for and, in many ways are not prepared to deal with. The war has taken a heavy toll on both men. Henry has horrible nightmares and suffered the loss of part of his foot, giving him a permanent limp. Jack is left with terribly low self-esteem along with a ruined arm. Henry convinces Jack of his undying love and his faith in the two of them being able to have a life together. He also shares his newly acquired knowledge about a possible cure for the demons which still plague them and convinces Jack to give it a try. For the first time, Henry sees a bright light at the end of what has been an extremely long tunnel.

While quite poignant, the story has a solid message of hope, the power of forgiveness, and redemption. I'd recommend this tale to anyone who wants a short, but endearing love story with a happy for now, with a chance of it becoming a happily ever after ending. Thanks, G.S., for the lovely story.





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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 55 pages/10929 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 15-June-2013
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