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New Legs, New Year (A Hammer/Forged Story) by Sean Michael at Torquere Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / BDSM / Erotic Romance / Holiday
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 04-January-2012

Book Blurb

Jeremy should be happy -- he and Simon (who first appear in the Hammer novel, Forged) had a great Christmas and are looking forward to New Year's Eve. He's got new legs, though, and he doesn't like them at all. Can Simon convince him to focus on the positive, and help him do it, too?

Book Review

This short story brings back Jeremy and Simon from Forged. It was great to see them again, find them dealing with some of the issues Jeremy goes through with his new prosthetic legs. I like that they talk about it, make sure that Simon understands Jeremy’s feelings. The love between them is evident, but Simon doesn’t let that sway him. He is still tough on Jeremy, making sure his lover can deal with all the difficult bits. It’s just what Jeremy needs as well, someone to push him. Of course, there is a whole lot of hot sex which Simon uses as a distraction, but that is just what Jeremy needs as well, at least sometimes.

If you liked Forged, if a couple who are deeply in love and still challenge each other to become the best they can be fascinates you, and if you like stories that deal with real life (including disabilities), you will probably like this one as much as I did. It can be read alone, but I think you will enjoy it more if you read Forged first.

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Additional Information

Format ebook
Length Short Story, 24 pages/5700 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 28-December-2011
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