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New Beginnings by Jane Lockwood at Mischief Corner Books

Genre Gay / Trans* / Contemporary / Romance / Holiday
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 20-December-2017

Book Blurb

Nick is not looking forward to his second Christmas without Sammi, his gorgeous ex-fiancee. She left him on New Year’s Eve, a week after their engagement, and he still doesn’t know why.

A chance meeting whilst out Christmas shopping reveals that Sammi is now Sam, a transgender man. As the reasons behind their break-up become clearer, Nick cannot make sense of his new feelings. He is shocked by the deep attraction he still has to Sam, and what that says about himself.

It will take Nick's straight-talking family, and Sam’s guiding hand, to help him discover that gender is no barrier to love.

Book Review

Breakups are bad enough, but when someone breaks leaves without a reason that you can understand, the effect can be much worse. In Nick’s case, his last breakup was almost two years ago, just after he got engaged to the love of his life, and he is still devastated. This story is about Nick’s feelings when he finds out why Sammi left, and how he deals with the fact that the person he faces at a chance meeting in the mall is now Sam. The focus is on the emotional aspect of Nick dealing with the transformation and his reaction, and it was fascinating to see him and Sam deal with their new reality.

Nick is very clearly still in love with Sammi when he runs into Sam – and finally has a reason for the breakup. Sam needed to be honest with himself, take the step to align his physical gender with his mental/emotional one, and had to break up with Nick before it was too late. It takes Nick a while, and some very honest discussions with his family, to see why Sammi did it. What he has a slightly harder time with is the fact that he is as attracted to Sam as he used to be to Sammi.

That part, Nick’s realization that gender is secondary to his feelings for Sam, is written really well. There is initial confusion on Nick’s part, his reaction that “he is not gay, so how can he be attracted to a man”, then his dawning realization that it’s the person he loves, not their gender, and finally his discussion with Sam about what it all means for them as a couple. It’s a beautiful story, and one that would have deserved to be longer, in my opinion.

If you believe that love is love, if you want to see how deep emotions can overcome changes most people would consider impossible to get over, and if you’re looking for a beautiful read about what is most important when true love is involved, then you will probably like this short story.





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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 41 pages/7000 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 20-December-2017
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