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Nevada Highlander by Erin O'Quinn

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Cowboys / Erotic Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Alex on 02-January-2015

Book Blurb

The tale of a larger-than-life Scot, Rory Drummond, who takes his talents to Nevada. Imagine a gorgeous 6’5” Highlander in a pair of tight Levi’s and a cowboy hat. Foogin irresistible.

The Highlander meets reticent, sexy State Trooper Alex Dominguez, who has been appointed to keep an eye on him. Rory doesn’t know that.

What will happen when the Scot falls arse-over-alligator boots in lust with him, all the while Alex is being paid to … um … tail him?


Book Review

Whew!! This delicious insta-love scorcher shares the romantic story of two magnificent and willful men, Rory, a Scottish castle laird who visits Nevada for a respite and Alex, a Nevada state trooper who despite his misgivings, has been assigned to keep an eye on the Scotsman. This is a fantastic read! The raw sensuality of these two incredibly masculine men leaps off the page like a heady dose of pheromones. Soooo gooood! I found myself holding my breath anticipating each meeting of Rory and Alex and always…always the anticipated passages sent me into rich, primal, earthy scenes splashed liberally with the warmth of tender romance and newfound love. I break into a grin just thinking of this unusual pairing and their glorious to-die-for story.

Twenty-three-year-old Alex is a loner. Raised in foster homes after the death of his parents, he attended college, got interested in law enforcement, and now patrols the less traveled areas of the Nevada highway.  He’s content with his life save for his lack of a steady lover. But he’s given up his dream of finding a man with whom he can form a close intimate relationship. Hell, he’s even given up on his occasional one-night stands. He’s no social butterfly and he can’t pretend to be one just to attract a lover. When the governor handpicks Alex to escort the visiting Scotsman, Alex is wary. His misgivings only grow when he is asked to befriend the man and keep him out of trouble. Alex doesn’t do undercover and the assignment leans a little too close to spying for his comfort. But a state trooper really can’t say no to a governor, can he? Alex resigns himself to babysitting a Scottish tenderfoot, but Rory—Rory is definitely not that.

Scottish castle laird Rory Drummond is a big man with big appetites and an itch for travel. Due to take over the running of the castle in the near future, Rory has been travelling the world whetting his appetite for new environments, new adventures, and—new men. It’s easier to relax far from his Scottish home where his uncle, an up-and-coming politician, fears Rory’s sexual trysts will create a scandal. Deciding he’d like to experience being a cowboy, Rory sets his sights on a hunting trip in Nevada, anticipating Levi’s, blue skies, and cowboy boots. What he did not anticipate was the long-legged, raven-eyed, sweet-assed, loner—Alex Dominguez.

Jeez, what to say when there is so much, so right about this titillating, passion filled tale. Well first off, the writing is first rate and never boring. Between highly original, innovative scenes of romance I was treated to beautiful poetic glimpses of both Nevada and Scotland. Detailed, but concise passages containing historical specifics of both Scotland and Nevada, gifted me with the engaging and humorous backstories of both men. Both Alex and Rory are potent, valiant figures; courageous men of will with fiercely protected vulnerabilities. Admirable, intelligent, and hot, I loved both of these characters.

And the romance? This book holds some of the most erotic, calm before the storm, earth-shifting lovemaking scenes ever. And I mean lovemaking, not just hot sex—sizzling, passionate, tender, roll and rock, joy and pain, stuff of legend—love. God bless Erin O’Quinn for her ability to make this reader melt at just a simple phrase uttered from the lips of Rory Drummond. “Those eyes…a man could drown in them.” Okay, I just went to check on said phrase and could not stop reading the passage. Yeah, uh, I just took a seven-minute break from writing this review and I’ve read this book three times. I think I’ve written all I can without writing a spoiler. Please don’t miss experiencing this fiery, breath-stealing, erotic romance between two superbly masculine men. Yeah, this one is a “Must Read.”

Thank you, Erin O’Quinn, for Rory and Alex and… for your ability to steal into my senses and ignite them.
“Radiant, Visceral, Passion!”  





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 57500 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 10-December-2013
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