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My King's Seraglio by Ann T. Ryan at Silver Publishing

Genre Gay / Fantasy / Royalty/Nobility / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 19-February-2013

Book Blurb

Tobey Mitchell dreamt of many things but none included being a part of any man's seraglio. That choice was taken away from him when the High King of Naverya, Adam Radcliffe, met Tobey and wanted him for his own. Against Tobey's will, his body and also heart fell prey to the man everyone called High King and the man he simply called Adam. As Tobey becomes Adam's favourite concubine, jealous rivals threaten to tear asunder the love that they have created together.


Book Review

Set in an undefined alternate world where kings rule the day, and the powerful ones have seraglios, this sweet romance has a few edges, and a male pregnancy as a bonus. The romance between the two main characters is neither ordinary, nor is it easy, but that is what added the slight edginess to the story. Without that, it would have been far less enjoyable to me. There is just enough of an "alien' feel to it to make the society and ways of dealing with life interesting without overwhelming even a 'beginning' sci-fi/fantasy reader. Much is familiar, and that makes the unusual parts stand out even more.

Toby is a man who wants a life, not to become part of a king's seraglio. Unfortunately, he catches Adam's eye and isn’t given much of a choice. Once he makes it to court, the real problems start. Internal politics, jealousy from the other concubines, a former favorite who tried to get back into the king's bed…. And that is only for starters. Toby is strong enough to deal with much of it, but when he advises the king to be careful not to show too much favoritism and to go sleep with other men as well, Adam is so hurt he turns cruel and stop sleeping with Toby altogether.

Adam is a powerful man, but he is very inexperienced in matters of the heart. He also doesn't have the best advisors, so I can understand him making a mistake. But hanging on to it and not apologizing until it is almost too late is just stupid. He definitely has a steep learning curve – but at least he does learn. His attitude once Toby asks for a time out is great, and the way he lets him know he is still loved made up for a lot of the pain. To be honest, they both had a part to play in the "big fight", I think one was as bad as the other. Luckily, they love each other enough to figure their way out of the impasse!

If you like your men a little stubborn, flawed, and in for a learning experience, if you enjoy reading stories set in strange new worlds where even men can get pregnant, and if you're looking for a read that is as sweet as it is hot, then you will probably like this story.




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Format ebook
Length Novella, 94 pages/15599 words
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Publication Date 09-April-2011
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