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Miles To Go (Love in Xxchange 2) by Bailey Bradford at Pride Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Cowboys / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 09-July-2011

Book Blurb

Max Jenkins watched enviously as the love between his employers, Rory and Chance blossomed. He never thought to have someone of his own to hold until Bo shook up Max’s world and made him question everything he believed he knew about himself.

What might seem like an impossible dream for two wounded men can be a reality if they’ll only believe—in each other, and themselves.

Max Jenkins has been the foreman on Chance Gallagher’s ranch long enough to know love between two men can be a powerful thing. Despite his rigid upbringing, Max has watched Chance and his partner Rory, has seen the deep and abiding love they have for one another, and Max has found himself thinking about things he’d never acknowledged before. When Max’s friend, Bo Daughtry, is almost killed in a violent attack, Max realizes he has some decisions to make. Years of fear and ignoring his own needs make it difficult, but for the love of one man, Max will fight himself and Bo’s doubts and insecurities.


Book Review

'Miles to Go' by Bailey Bradford is the sequel to 'Rory's Last Chance', in the 'Love in Xxchange Series'. I enjoy revisiting characters I've become fond of in previous books. I like to see the progress they've made as their series continues. I was pleased to see that Rory and Chance, introduced in the previous story, were still together and thriving. I enjoyed learning more about Annabelle, Rory's sister. It was clear that she was a force to be reckoned with, but she turned out to be even more outrageous than I expected. The sibling rivalry between Annabelle and her brother, Rory. definitely added a lot of color to the story. She also served as a link between the past and present relationships, particularly the one involving Bo and Max. Annabelle was there to give them a kick in the ass they needed it and get their relationship going.

Max Jenkins was already a favorite of mine from the previous story. His calm and steady demeanor offers a contrast to the craziness between Chance and Rory. I adored Max for his quiet, unassuming gentleness. These qualities were evident in the first part of this story as well, but when he turned into a sex crazed Neanderthal, I felt that he'd lost a lot of his charm. It's not that I expected, or even wanted, him to be all hung up and afraid of experimenting and enjoying sex, but considering his background, I was surprised when he became so aggressive so quickly. Perhaps he was just making up for lost time. Of course, if he hadn't, none of the incredibly steamy sexual encounters between Bo and him would have taken place and that would have been unfortunate.

Bo Daughtry was also introduced in the previous sequel but I wasn't too fond of him then. Bo was arrogant and obnoxious at times, not to mention whiney; however, after finding out about his past, I began to feel a great deal of empathy for him. Bo definitely won my heart in this book. It was sad that he lived all those years feeling devalued; but it was wonderful to see him finally accept Max's love and believe that he is a good person, who deserves to love and be loved. I enjoyed watching him blossom into a happy, whole person.

'Miles to Go' is a poignant, rough, romantic, sensual love story which also deals with serious social issues such as gay bashing and child abuse. It shows the damage parents can inflict upon their children with their negative attitudes and physical and emotional violence. No child should have to grow up in an environment where they are constantly belittled. Another theme dear to my heart is that everyone is worthy of love and respect and that there's a special someone for everyone. Fortunately, Max and Bo were able to find their special someone in each other. This story can be read alone, but as with any series, will be more enjoyable after reading the first book, 'Rory's Last Chance'.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 51886 words
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Publication Date 20-June-2011
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