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Memories by Ruby Moone at JMS Books

Genre Gay / Historical / 19th Century / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 01-September-2017

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Will Marsden is a man on the run from his memories and his past. Steward of Denton Manor was a good position until Captain Dearne, the owner, lost the manor on the turn of a card. When the feckless Dearne is dumped unconscious and near death on his doorstep, Will grudgingly accepts an enormous sum of money to care for him.

Dearne regains consciousness but has no memories of how he came to be in the bed of a dark-haired, angry, but gorgeous man or how he came to be so badly injured.

When nightmares drive Dearne into Will’s arms every night, the attraction between them explodes. As Dearne battles with lost memories, he is forced to accept the fact that someone in his family wants him dead, and Will is forced to confront his past head on. Will the revelations uncovered tear them apart?

Book Review

“Time will heal everything but it can't keep the memories from the past away.” ~ unknown

When Will, of 'Memories' by Ruby Moone, is presented with “an offer he can't refuse”, taking care of Captain Dearne, a very ill man who is the former owner of Denton Manor and current source of all Will’s woes, he's resentful. Will doesn't care what happens to the man. What starts out as an obligation has the potential to become so much more.

When Will accepts the job of trying to keep Captain Dearne alive, he's not feeling too charitable. After all, Dearne is the reason Will has to uproot his whole life. Dearne's wanton, feckless life is the antithesis of everything Will believes in. Will has done everything he can to distance himself from the despicable attitudes held by the upper class. Will escaped and has no intention of going back. When he discovers that his charge is nothing like Will expects him to be, he's perplexed as well as frightened. Will has spent years fighting the “unnatural” desires he was punished so severely for having. Being with Dearne feels nothing like he's been told it should, but his fear is still there.

Dearne's physical condition is serious, but his mental health suffers as well. Dearne is in pain and confused about why he's lost his memory of what happened to land him under the care of a stranger who seems to hate him. Dearne is so fragile that Will's attitude softens as he realizes that he's wrong about Dearne. Comforting him becomes as natural as breathing. There's so much to set right: Who sold the manor from under him? Who wants him dead? Why he can't remember any of it?  Dearne is nearly overwhelmed with the enormity and uncertainty of his task, but when Will tells him comes with him, Dearne knows he can accomplish it.

This was an exciting historical romance with a touch of intrigue and many twists and turns. I especially liked Dearne and was thrilled that he wasn't as bad as I originally thought he’d be. I felt sorry for Will that because of ignorance and fear, he thought of himself as an abomination: without Dearne's influence he would have missed an opportunity to love and be loved. Thanks, Ruby, for a great adventure.





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Length Novel, 69458 words
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Publication Date 26-August-2017
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