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Max's Italian Romance by Serena Yates at Pride Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 24-February-2011

Book Blurb

Max still can’t get over the loss of his lover two years after the accident – so a trip to Florence and its famous works of art might be just what he needs.

Max Travis is a lonely bus driver, stuck in a job he doesn’t want but he has to pay the bills. He’d love to be a photographer and is interested in art, so his brother gives him a trip to Florence for Valentine’s Day. Even though Max thinks the gift is too lavish, he can’t resist the temptation and goes. When he runs into hunky art professor Rocco Moretti on his first day there, the attraction is immediate.

The two men share a steamy romance, but what will happen when Max must return to the USA?


Book Review

When we lose someone we love, it leaves a big hole in our hearts which feels like it will never heal. As sad as it can be sometimes grieving is an important part of recovering from that loss. Although it's different for everyone, however, when grief becomes debilitating, causing you to withdraw from life, threatening your well being, it's time for a change. Max Travis of Serena Yates's book 'Max's Italian Romance' is in this position. He still aches for his deceased lover, Steve, after two years and is determined to keep on grieving seemingly forever. It becomes obvious that while Max need not forget Steve, it's time for him go forward without him.

Max is lovable, smart, handsome, talented, and so completely lost in the beginning of 'Max's Italian Romance' that he broke my heart. When he meets the charming Rocco, he's immediately smitten which throws Max into a quandary. Does he continue to mourn for Steve or does he reach out to explore the future's promise with Rocco? When Max decides to proceed, he dives into the affair wholeheartedly, becoming very responsive and completely uninhibited. He appears to be making up for lost time, releasing the tension he's restrained over the last two years.

Understanding his situation, Rocco is ready and willing to accommodate him. I fell in love with Rocco Moretti as soon as he was introduced. Not only is he handsome, talented, and intelligent, he's also a gentleman. Even though Rocco is immediately infatuated with Max and really wants to have the opportunity to pursue Max, he doesn't take advantage of his vulnerability. He lets Max take the lead, showing what a classy guy he really is.

The characters in 'Max's Italian Romance' are well developed and believable. I love the way Serena nurtures their relationship; how she weaves their needs and wants together into a web of compatibility and how Max and Rocco are brought together at just the right point in their lives enabling them to create a fulfilling relationship with each other. As with any good story, there are ups and downs, but I dutifully rode with them on their roller coaster hoping that happiness waited at the end of the ride.

If you'd like to curl up with a great, heartwarming story which has very passionate, uninhibited love scenes, a little sight-seeing in Florence and most importantly finding true love, 'Max's Italian Romance' may be for you.


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Format ebook
Length Short Story, /10500 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 07-February-2011
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